10 Best Birthday Party Songs

Below are the 10 best birthday party songs that are sure to pump up your party. Amongst all the events celebrated in the world, one event is celebrated around the world by mankind despite of their nationality, religion, color or status and that is Birthday!

  1. “Happy Birthday to you”. If “Happy Birthday to you” is not part of your ten best birthday party songs, add it right away. Any birthday party would be incomplete without the traditional drum-beat start “Happy Birthday to you” song.
  2. “For he’s a Jolly Good Fellow”. Amongst the ten best birthday party songs , “For he is a jolly good fellow” has been declared as the second-most famous English language song  by the Guinness Book of World Records. The British and American versions of the song vary a little in terms of lyrics but the basic theme is retained.
  3. “Birthday”. “Birthday” by Beatles is a must in your list of  ten best birthday party songs. If you are a Beatles fan, then you will enjoy this energetic song to the fullest and it is definitely going to lift the spirits of all guests at the party.
  4. “The Happy Birthday Song”. The ten best birthday party songs have to have one song that sings the birthday wish in a hilarious manner. This song by Arrogant Worms will put smiles on many faces.
  5. “Happy Birthday sweet 16”. If you are turning sixteen this year, this song has to be on the list of the ten best birthday party songs that you decide. Sing it out with Neil Sedaka and enjoy the teenage dream moments.
  6. “16 candles”. This song from the 60’s will still sound fresh with a retro feel on your ten best birthday party songs playlist. Blow your sweet sixteen candles with this classic song by Crests playing in the background.
  7. “Eighteen”. Enter the age of eighteen rocking with Alice Cooper in your play list of ten best birthday party songs.
  8. “Happy Birthday (instrumental)”. If you think you are old for rock and roll, the instrumental version of the Happy Birthday song would be a treat to your list of ten best birthday party songs.
  9. “Get  The Party Started”. Pump up the volume with adding Pink Floyd in your chart of ten best birthday party songs.
  10. “When Dreams Are Born”. This song will be an instant hit in your play list of ten best birthday party songs. It is bound to make you feel special.
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