10 Best Black Actors

These are the 10 best black actors. There are many great actors in Hollywood, but when it comes to black actors, these ten have the market cornered. Whether they are comedy stars or action stars, they can be found in the homes of millions every week.

  1. Chris Rock This man has done both television shows and movies, and has succeeded in both. Chris Rock might just be America's favorite comedian and he is hitting the big screen again with "Death At A Funeral".
  2. Denzel Washington Denzel Washington made his first big break on the screen with the controversial film "Malcolm X", and he the cemented his status as one of the best black actors with "Remember The Titans".
  3. Will Smith Will Smith might be the most versatile black actor in Hollywood today. He has played in action films like "Independance Day" and has starred in wacky comedies such as "Men In Black". One thing is for sure, and that is that Will Smith can do it all.
  4. Cuba Gooding, Jr. Although he takes much heat, Cuba Gooding, Jr. is easily one of the best black actors. How can anyone say he's not with films like "Boyz N The Hood" and "Men Of Honor".
  5. Samuel L Jackson This black actor seems to be all over Hollywood. He has been in Hollywood since 1972 and has been in 128 movies and television shows. In just about all of them, he shined.
  6. Chris Tucker Although he may not be the most popular, he is easily one of the best black actors. Chris Tucker has played many comedy roles but is most famous for his role in the "Rush Hour" series.
  7. Morgan Freeman Morgan's place in Hollywood is set in stone. He is arguably the best black actor ever playing in huge blockbuster films. No doubt his best are "The Bucket List" and "The Great Debaters".
  8. Jamie Foxx He is an amazing black actor and he has a shelf full of trophies to prove it. He takes some of the hardest roles to play and knocks them out of the park. Who else can play a blind pianist better than Foxx?
  9. Terrance Howard No doubt one of Hollywood's most under-appreciated actors. This man has shined in "Get Rich Or Die Trying", and was even better in "Hustle And Flow".
  10. Eddie Murphy We end our list of amazing black actors with one of the best comedians in the business. Although he has been in a few stinkers, Eddie Murphy's been in even more mega hits.
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