10 Best Black Businessmen

Naturally, many of the 10 best black businessmen come from the music business. However, one of the big reasons why they're so successful is because they don't just limit themselves to music. They're smart businessmen that just happen to also have a lot of musical talent.

  1. George Foreman. Foreman was a boxer first, but he's also one of the ten best black businessmen. He developed the George Foreman Knock-Out cleaning product and that burger cooking device, too.
  2. Bryan Williams. Williams is best known as Birdman, the black businessman that founded Cash Money Records, which certainly lives up to its name. It's almost every rapper's dream to get signed there.
  3. Shawn Carter. That's Jay-Z to you and me. He's in his 40s, but this entertainer black businessman is still at the top of the rap game. He also started Rocawear clothing, and has his own line of Reebok shoes. And if you're in Vegas, visit his 40/40 club. Yes, he has a lot going on.
  4. Tyler Perry. Perry's not just an actor, but also one of the ten best black businessmen in his role as president of Tyler Perry Studios. It's also known as the Tyler Perry Company, Inc. In his position, Perry developed a successful series of movies based on the character of Madea.
  5. Earvin Johnson. Few athletes have transitioned from sports to being a successful black businessman as well as Earvin “Magic” Johnson. He is now the CEO and chairman of Magic Johnson Enterprises. This company owns franchises of many successful businesses, including Burger King, Starbucks and T.G.I. Friday’s. 
  6. Jermaine Dupri .Jermaine Dupri began as a record producer for the group Kriss Kross. He then expanded into songwriting and began the label So Def. He has also continued to produce, working with folks like Mariah Carey, Usher and Janet Jackson. Oh, and he also owns a vodka distilling company.
  7. Akon. This rapper has done quite well for himself, and also has Konvict Clothing, an Pepsi soccer ad campaign, and signed Lady Gaga to his record label, KonLive.
  8. Lil Wayne. Lil Wayne lost some momentum when he spent time in jail. Nevertheless, he still earned $20 million in 2010.
     He may not dress the part of one of the ten best black businessmen, but make no mistake about it, he is.
  9. Dr. Dre. Dre's unique production fingerprint earned him $17 million in 2010 alone. Working with perhaps the biggest rapper in the world, Eminem, doesn't hurt the old pocketbook.
  10. Don Barden. With his Majestic Star Casinos, Barden is one of the few Black CEO's in the casino business.
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