10 Best Black Female R&B Singers

The 10 best black female R&B singers of all time is a list that brings together talent from many different decades. Some of the ladies on this list were trailblazers, while others were just simply the best singers of all time. Bring some soul into your record collection by adding music from the 10 best black female R&B singers ever.

  1. Aretha Franklin. Aretha Franklin has been called the Queen of Soul, the R&B Diva and any other moniker you can think of associated with one of the 10 best black female R&B singers of all time. She has been a star in soul, R&B, rock and gospel. One of her more famous mainstream performances was on the soundtrack of "Blues Brothers" (1980). She also had a role in the movie.
  2. Mary J. Blige. Most of the black female R&B singers will point to Mary J. Blige as their personal inspiration for getting into R&B in the first place. This entry on the list of 10 best black female R&B singers has had hit records all over the world since she was first seen on international television in 1992.
  3. Faith Evans. Faith Evans first hit the R&B scene in 1995, and ever since then she has established a career that is worthy of being called one of the 10 best black female R&B singers ever.
  4. Diana Ross. Diana Ross crossed the boundaries between pop, R&B and disco for years. Her work went on to inspire such famous singers as Michael Jackson. She is one of the few R&B singers to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and she was certified in 1993 by the "Guiness Book of World Records" as the most successful selling female artist in history.
  5. Chaka Kahn. Chaka Kahn is most known for her crossover pop hit "Feel For You" (1984) which was written, and originally recorded, by Prince. But this member of the list of the 10 best black female R&B singers of all time has a catalog of work decades long that has inspired some of the best new singers in the business.
  6. Aaliyah. Aaliyah was sexy, funny and an extremely talented R&B singer. She died in a tragic accident in 2001, only a couple of years after getting her career off the ground but her contributions to R&B will live on forever.
  7. Janet Jackson. Janet Jackson never bought into her brother Michael's "king of pop" music desires. Janet Jackson started her career with pop and dance music, but her later material is some of the best R&B music ever created. She released her debut album "Janet Jackson" (1982) to critical acclaim and it rose to number six on the R&B charts. The rest, as they say, in history.
  8. Erykah Badu. Good R&B music does not need to reinvent the genre to be effective, but Erykah Badu's style of R&B has never been heard before and it has never been duplicated. She sometimes alienates fans with her off-stage antics, but her music cannot be denied and she belongs on the list of the 10 best black female R&B singers ever. Her debut album "Baduizm" (1997), was the start of a successful R&B career for Badu.
  9. Sade. Sade represents the best in smooth R&B that puts her in the class of the 10 best black female R&B singers ever. Sade is also a songwriter, producer and composes movie soundtracks. The debut album for her and the band that bears her name Sade, "Diamond Life" (1985), sparked four hit singles including the top 10 smash "Smooth Operator" (1985).
  10. Toni Braxton. A beautiful lady with a powerful voice makes Toni Braxton an unstoppable force in the R&B music world. Her album "Secrets" (1996) spawned the number one hit R&B single "You're Making Me High" (1996) that brought Braxton to the attention of an international audience.
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