10 Best Black Lesbians Sex Scenes

Choosing a list of 10 best black lesbian sex scenes is not easy. Most movies featuring lesbianism involve white characters. However, there are a few movies where black women enjoy the pleasures of involving themselves in sex scenes with other women stars – many of their co-stars being white. However, after many hours spent researching, below is a list of ten lesbian sex scenes involving black actresses.

  1.  "The L Word" One of the best black lesbian sex scenes ever was between Bette Porter (Jennifer Beals) and Tina Kennard (Laurel Holloman) when they got down to business in the swimming pool outside their house. While Holloman is white and Beals biracial (white and black), this scene allows the view to appreciate Beals' nice rack and beautiful body
  2. "The Incredibility True Adventures of Two Women In Love"   "The Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls in Love" took place nine years prior to "The L Word." In this film, Holloman plays a lesbian teenager who develops a crush on a popular student played by Nicole Ari Parker. Parker, who also had a major role in "Boogie Nights," showed of her beautiful, bare black breasts in the lone love scene, where her and Holloman had sex  while her mother was away.
  3. "Stranger Inside" Treasure Lee (Yolanda Ross) Is a young adult who purposely gets into trouble so she can serve time with her mother. While in prison, she indulges herself in a lesbian sex scene with a hot inmate named Sugar. The look of pleasure on Treasure's face when Sugar goes down on her is epic.
  4. "Robin's Hood" This movie features two lesbians who rob banks. One is black (Robin, played by  Khahtee V. Turner) and the other a white Frenchwomen. While neither woman is attractive, their lovemaking scenes do not lack passion, and their skin contrast is very sexy.
  5. "When Night is Falling"  This erotic Canadian film features a very sensual lesbian scene between a white circus performer and a black college professor. Both women are nude and kiss and fondle each others breasts. There are several versions of the movie, but if you want to see the goods, be sure to view the one that is "R" rated.
  6. "She Hate Me" This Spike Lee comedy/drama features several black lesbian kissing and fondling scenes. For those who like black lesbian movies, be sure to check out "She Hate Me" as there is a real sexy bedroom scene between the lovely Kerry Washington and Dania Ramirez. 
  7. "The Wire" One of the best black lesbian sex scenes took place on the hit HBO drama, "The Wire." Kima Kreggs and her lovely girlfriend Cheryl share sexy scene takes on their bed, where there is a lot of kissing and a few good breast and ass shots.
  8. "The L Word" The "L Word" features another great black lesbian sex scene between Alice and Tasha. Rose Rollins, who plays Tasha, is a black actress with a killer body. One of the best scenes between the two is when they are curled up naked in bed after a long night of lovemaking.
  9. "The Watermelon Woman" While there is not any graphic sex scenes in "The Watermelon Woman," there is one lesbian kissing scene where Cheryl, a butch black woman, makes our with her date, Diana, before the two have sex.
  10. "Wild Things 2" Rounding out the top ten black lesbian sex scenes is "Wild Things 2" which features former Miss San Francisco,  Leila Arceiri. This black goddess was involved in a lesbian sex scene with the equally lovely Susan Ward. Later they are joined by a doctor in what is considered one of the sexiest threesomes on mainstream DVD. 
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