10 Best Black Wrestling Shoes

When you are searching for the 10 best black wrestling shoes, you need to rely on the brands that have been “battle tested.” Many times, these brands include Asics, Nike and Adidas. A quality black wrestling shoe will usually last about one to two years. Let’s take a look at some of the best wrestling shoes available in black.

  1. Nike Inflect –  These black wrestling shoes are in the mid-price range and have upper soles made of breathable mesh that allows for the maximum amount of movement and ventilation. Their outsole is made of gum rubber allowing for the best traction at any angle.
  2. Adidas Combat Speed III –  This pair of black wrestling shoes offers a name that is always at the top of any shoe list, along with a very lightweight shoe that offers great ankle support. They offer a great grip and are sure to be one of the best shoes on the mat.
  3. Adidas Extero II is a pair of the best black wrestling shoes that can often offer team discounts for multiple purchases, in addition to many powerful attributes. They are ultra-lightweight and can go lace less or use traditional lace closure. They have a unique and specially formulated heel liner that reduces Achilles heel pressure
  4. Dan Gable Ultimate 2 Wrestling Shoe –  A list of the best black wrestling shoes wouldn't be complete without mentioning this wresting shoe by Asics .  Their upper sole is soft, durable and still form fitting.  They are very lightweight and yet still give structured support.
  5. Matman's G7 Revenge Wrestling shoe – These shoes are in the average price range and have a split sole design. Their band cover over the ankle both hides the laces and gives additional support. They have a very flexible sole and are lightweight.
  6. Closeout's Cael V3.0 – This is one of the best black wrestling shoes that's neither the cheapest nor the most pricey. This is a shoe that's been worn by Olympic Gold Medalists and is very lightweight. They have air mesh which quickly disperses both heat and moisture. Their shine up controls odor and they are form fitting.
  7. Adidas AdiSTAR offers one of the most well rounded black wrestling shoes. This shoe is full of surprises, with a lace cover that is zippered and offering more instep support. They offer 360 degrees of ventilation and are designed for maximum grip and support.
  8. Adidas Response GT – This shoe is specifically for the athlete who has a wide foot. It is environmental conscious and offers molding in the heel for the best grip and support.
  9. Nike Speedsweep VII – When it comes to the best black wrestling shoes, it doesn't get more budget friendly than the Speedsweep VII. They offer breathable mesh and split suede for optimal movement and support.
  10. Asics Cael V4.0 – This black wrestling shoe has an open mesh tongue and forefront for heat and moisture control. They also offer shine up, which releases any odor when the shoe is left to air in the sun.
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