10 Best Blonde Lesbian Sex Scenes

For those who enjoy lesbian sex scenes involving blondes, here are some of the 10 best blonde lesbian sex scenes in Hollywood. Each scene involves at least one blonde. Meanwhile, some of these actresses you would never imagine doing a girl on girl scene.

  1. "Gia" Angelina Jolie received all the accolades for her role in "Gia," but the lovely Elizabeth Mitchell played the very memorable role as Jolie's lover. The scene where they make love after a steamy photoshoot not only ranks as one of the best lesbian sex scenes of all time, it also is one of the best sex scenes ever.  
  2. "Henry & June" Uma Thurman and Maria de Medeiros have a sexy lesbian affair in the 1990 film "Henry and June." They are both naked in bed, kissing one another under a skylight as both beauties display their beautiful, bare breasts.
  3. "Mulholland Drive" Blonde beauty Naomi Watts and Laura Harring enjoy a lesbian sex scene in the 2001 thriller "Mulholland Drive." A fully nude Harring slips into bed with Watts where they begin to kiss. Soon, Watts finds herself unclothed and the two actresses begin fondling each other's breasts.
  4. "If These Walls Could Talk" One of the most realistic blonde lesbian scenes involves Sharon Stone and Ellen DeGeneres in "If These Walls Could Talk." The scene takes place in bed where they are both snuggling and kissing. Suddenly, they begin to undress each other and really go at it as they roll around and wrap their lovely legs around each other. 
  5. "Boogie Woogie" Heather Graham, one of the most beautiful blondes in Hollywood, has a memorable lesbian sex scene in the 2009 comedy "Boogie Woogie." In this scene, Graham is seduced by Jaime Winstone. Lucky viewers not only get to witness these two lip-locking, but they both bare and fondle each other's breasts.
  6. "Boys Don't Cry" Chloe Sevigny is another blonde who is not afraid to show her skin. In the 1999 independent film "Boys Don't Cry," Sevigny had a very hot lesbian sex scene with a very butch Hilary Swank. This particular scene takes place in a deserted field where Sevigny gyrates and moans, while Swank goes down on her. During this scene, viewers unable to keep your eyes off her lovely breasts; particularly the left one with the mole just above the nipple.
  7. "The Wild Side" You will be hard pressed to find a more passionate lesbian sex scene than the one between hot blonde Anne Heche and lovely Asian Joan Chen. During their passionate love scene, Chen is unable to keep her hands off Heche's beautiful bare ass while Heche gathers a mouthful of Chen's lovely breast. 
  8. "The L Word" Sexy blonde Laurel Holloman is one of a plethora of lovely actresses in the controversial hit Showtime series "The L Word." One of the best lesbian scenes involves Holloman and sexy co-star Jennifer Beals during the first season when they make love in a swimming pool while Mia Kirshner watches from next door. This is the first of many scenes where you get to appreciate how lovely Holloman's breasts are.
  9. "The Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls in Love" Yet another movie involving Holloman, "The Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls in Love" took place nine years prior to "The L Word." In this film, Holloman plays a lesbian teenager who develops a crush on a popular student played by Nicole Ari Parker. Near the end of the movie, the two finally hook up in Parker's bedroom while her mother is away on business. While not as hot and refined as she was in "The L Word," Holloman's body was still smoking hot and she was just as passionate in her lesbian love scene as she would be nine years later.
  10. "Scorned" Number ten on the list of hot blonde lesbian sex scenes is "Scorned," starring Shannon Tweed. In this movie, Tweed is involved in a sexy lesbian scene with Kim Morgan Greene where she kisses Greene's breasts while running her hand up her nightgown and between her legs. 
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