10 Best Blonde Movie Characters

For a fun look at some of the leading characters of movies of all genres, read about the 10 best blonde movie characters. From the stereotypical "dumb" blonde to blondes that have more fun to blondes that break the mold, the list is varied. See if your favorite blonde bombshell made the list.

  1. Reese Witherspoon acted her way to the A-list as Elle Woods in "Legally Blonde." "Legally Blonde" is a movie about a blonde Los Angeles beauty concerned with her looks and future marriage dumped on the night she was expecting a marriage proposal. The perceived tragedy of the situation inspires the ambition in the young girl and she sets her sights as high as the law school her ex is attending. Instead of turning into a scary stalker movie, this is actually a light romantic comedy with an original story and a lot of heart.
  2. Sandy, portrayed by Olivia Newton-John, in "Grease" is a beautiful blonde who is betrayed by her summer love once the real world of high school starts. Sandy is a character who will do anything for love, as will the object of her affection. When he changes for her–and she changes for him–it's the gift of the Magi except with amazing musical numbers, exuberant fifties retro environment and wardrobe and a fun plot line.
  3. Lorelei Lee, infamously portrayed by Marilyn Monroe, is a memorable blonde character. Lorelei is a gold-digger who learns her lesson and sings a song that is often associated with Marilyn's "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend."
  4. Holly is a carefree, vegetarian, peace-loving blonde artist who is raising her young daughter blissfully on her own in "A Message from Holly." Holly, a character portrayed by Lindsay Wagner, has her life turned upside down when she gets cancer and contacts her lifelong best friend for help and a home for her little girl.
  5. Goldie Hawn is at her quirky, charming blonde best as Jill Tanner in "Butterflies Are Free." A freethinking character with a heart of gold, Jill finds more than friendship with a blind neighbor and they both inspire one another.
  6. Elsa is a blind scientist experimenting with genetic engineering, splicing human DNA with animal DNA. Portrayed by the multi-talented Sarah Polley, a former child star of "Avonlea" and an Oscar-nominated screenwriter, Elsa is a blonde character that breaks the stereotypical mold.
  7. Shelley Long sparkles as Lauren Ames in "Outrageous Fortune," a comedy adventure. Lauren fights with Sandy, played by Bette Midler, for the man she loves; the fight really starts when they both seek revenge upon him.
  8. Kira is a blonde muse who makes dreams come true in "Xanadu." "Xanadu" is a cult classic movie musical that recently was spoofed with its own Broadway production. The dreams she inspires in this case are those of a roller disco nature.
  9. Maria in "The Sound of Music" is a blonde almost-nun on a mission to help a family in need. Portrayed by Julie Andrews, this blonde finds herself resisting the love she feels for the father of the children. Yet, she cannot deny the family she has come to love and who loves her. Unfortunately, their bliss is short-lived, as they must flee Austria when Maria's husband, Captain Von Trap, refuses to serve the Nazis.
  10. Marion Crane, the ill-fated blonde in the classic "Psycho," is an iconic blonde character. She is involved in a relationship with a financially challenged married man and she takes an opportunity to flee with a lot of cash.
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