10 Best Blu-Ray Movies With 7.1 Channel Sound

Check out these 10 best Blu-Ray movies with 7.1 channel sound if you want to watch the greatest movies in the highest quality possible. You'll enjoy the quality of the movies and the viewing experience itself. Look over this list before hitting the video store or your favorite online movie retailer so you can make a wise investment in a film that you can enjoy time and again.

  1. "Sleeping Beauty" Disney's classic "Sleeping Beauty" is one of the best Blu-Ray movie choices, and features 7.1 channel sound. It's remastered, and you can see it in a way that you've never seen this unforgettable movie before. It's a great family treat, and it's fun to watch alone, too. Be prepared to sing along with Princess Aurora, though. With sound this good, you'll feel like you're singing right beside her.
  2. "Hairspray" "Hairspray" is another terrific Blu-Ray movie. This is a hilarious musical, starring John Travolta as a lovely lady who enjoys eating. It's a musical version of the classic 1988 John Waters film. You'll love hearing all of its musical numbers in 7.1 channel sound.
  3. "A Nightmare on Elm Street" Although it's already been remade, many people feel that nothing can replace the original "A Nightmare on Elm Street." In 2010, the original version was released on Blu-Ray with 7.1 surround sound. It's a horror movie in which teenagers who share a mysterious and horrific bond since childhood are terrorized in their adolescent dreams by Freddy Krueger, a burned and disfigured evil being who aims to kill.
  4. "Beauty and the Beast" "Beauty and the Beast" is another Disney Blu-Ray wonder. Also with terrific 7.1 channel sound, this is a retelling of the story about a beauty who learns that love isn't limited to the physical shells that we live in; she finds that beauty is found within. Eventually, they both look fabulous and live happily ever after. It's got some of the best music of the 1990s.
  5. "Requiem for a Dream" "Requiem for a Dream" is another phenomenal Blu-Ray movie. This is a remarkable move that reveals the truth about addiction, holding nothing back, revealing how horrific it really is. It received an NC-17 rating for its brutal portrayal of its subject. However, it's a useful movie to show the dark side of drugs, which are all too often glamorized in film.
  6. "Dirty Dancing" Remember the great Patrick Swayze with a Blu-Rray, surround sound copy of "Dirty Dancing." The songs, such as "The Time of My Life," sound that much better with the 7.1 channel sound. Remember, nobody puts Baby in a corner.
  7. "W" "W" is a great movie from Oliver Stone that's now available in 7.1 channel sound through its Blu-Ray release. It's interesting for people who dislike Bush or think he was a good guy beneath it all. It aims to tell the story of what would bring someone to that point, showing his early years and the night that his father did not get re-elected. It shows the laughable lines that Bush would say publicly, yet it also attempts to humanize him. It's an interesting watch, although you are left to decipher how much is fact.
  8. "The Haunting in Connecticut" "The Haunting in Connecticut" goes well with a horror movie marathon night at home. Now available on Blu-Ray with the 7.1 channel sound, its power is as strong as ever in truly giving you a good scare. It starts by showing a rather ordinary family faced with the extraordinarily bad fortune of supporting the eldest son through cancer. When they relocate, they find a darkness they never imagined.
  9. "The Orphanage" "The Orphanage" is another spine-chilling horror movie available on Blu-Ray. This is perhaps one of the most frightening, underrated and under-seen horror movies of all time. Get the disc, but don't watch it alone.
  10. "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" is now available on a two-disc Blu-Ray edition with 7.1 channel sound. It will be a whole new way to experience one of the films that first put Walt Disney on the map for motion pictures.
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