10 Best Bluegrass Bands

Looking for the 10 best bluegrass bands? The first bluegrass band to go electric was the Dillards. For that reason, as well as many others, they will always be at the top of most best bluegrass band lists. Other groups have left a significant mark on the evolution of bluegrass music as well. Consider the varied contributions of the following living bluegrass bands, who are all lined up to appear along with the Dillards at the Cherokee Bluegrass Festival.

  1. Balsam Range – Balsam range brings gospel and country sound to bluegrass music. The band's five members are North Carolina natives. 
  2. Carolina Sonshine – Carolina Soshine adds gospel-style devotion to bluegrass music. Their all acoustic sound is making an impact on the evolution of bluegrass music.
  3. Crowe Brothers – The Crowe Brothers create a fusion between traditional country music sound and bluegrass style. The band's amazing harmonies crosses genres and builds public appreciation for bluegrass music.
  4. Darrell Webb Band – Darrell Web lends 20 years of experience to the evolution of contemporary bluegrass music. Dolly Parton recognizes his vocal talent.
  5. Mirror Image – Mirror Image maintains a hard driving traditional bluegrass style. The band mixes original songs with bluegrass classics during their performances. 
  6. Frances Mooney & Fontana Sunset – Frances Mooney & Fontana Sunset mix rock and roll into their melodies. This band actively seeks to push the limits of driving rhythm and power vocals.
  7. Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver – Doyle Lawson has given bluegrass music 40 years of his attention. His experience in bluegrass gospel has an unparalleled influence on bluegrass music.
  8. The Leadbetters – The Leadbetters prove that bluegrass families exist. Their practice sessions are described as homecomings.
  9. Little Roy & Lizzy – Southern roots influence Little Roy & Lizzy's sound. The rare duo alternates between instruments.
  10. Darin & Brook Aldridge – Another duo of rising influence is Darin and Brook Aldridge. The newlywed lovebirds sing bluegrass gospel with fine individual voices that blend together to form a memorable combination.
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