10 Best Blues Albums 2010

This list of the 10 best blues albums of 2010 is recognition to those musicians that, despite the antiquity of the genre, continue contributing with new sounds and styles, never leaving aside their blues roots. Some of the musicians that we are about to mention are well known and others are new, but they all have what it takes to be in our ranking. Have a really great time listening to these albums!

  1. “Living Proof” by Buddy Guy. Buddy is definitely a blues legend. Since his beginnings, he’s not only won several prices, but has also enriched this genre, and has been an inspiration and an influence to many recognized musicians such as Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix. As a product of his musical experience and maturation, he now presents us with his latest album, interestedly called, “Living Proof.”
  2. “Home Sweet Home” by South Memphis String Band. This band keeps the blues in its most antique form like in their latest album, “Home Sweet Home,” where they give their own style to standard blues. With a mandolin, guitar, harmonica, and banjo combined with simple percussion, they will make your feet move.
  3. “Interpretations” by Bettye LaVette. Songs like “Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd, “All of My Love” by Led Zeppelin, and many others are interpreted by one of the most extraordinary contemporary voices of the blues: Bettye LaVette. She shows us that anyone can make a cover of a song but not everyone can interpret it and give her own style to it.
  4. “I Ain’t Gone Do It” by Mel Waiters. With songs like “Meet Me Tonight” and “Make You (Fall in Love),” you’ll definitely get in the mood for a romantic date or just to enjoy a peaceful time with Waiters’ music. If you’re a southern soul fan, this album is a must-have in your collection.
  5. “Back In The Fire” by Robin Rogers. Months after its release, the talented singer, Robin Rogers, left us at age 55. With the help of her husband, Tony Rogers, at the guitar, Robin definitely leaves us an album full of life and full of soul.
  6. “Clapton” by Eric Clapton. After five years since his last album was released, Eric Clapton bring us this excellent album. He covers many antique songs with his legendary guitar and his voice more powerful than ever.
  7. “Hooked on Your Love” by Kenny Neal. Neal combines classic blues with contemporary sounds and we have this album as a result, one of his best albums ever. Kenny grew up with musicians and now, with years of musical experience, has developed his own style without parting from his blues roots.
  8. “You Can Always Turn Around” by Lucky Peterson. With a collaboration of excellent musicians, this album is filled with passion and different styles. Before it was recorded, Lucky came from difficult times in rehab and that inspired his new album. If you want to know more about Peterson, you definitely should get his album and get to know him through his music.
  9. “Spread the Love” by Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters. Instead of his voice, Earl preferred to express himself through his guitar in this great instrumental album. With songs like “Cristo Redentor,” “Patience,” and “Miracle,” he tries to show America that music has the power to heal and that living a spiritual life leads to happiness and love. Just by looking at the name of the album, you’ll realize that Earl has left his troubled past of drugs and addiction to become a “love spreader.”
  10. “Plays Blues, Ballads & Favorites” by Jimmie Vaughan. A blues pioneer in the early 70’s and a great guitarist, Jimmie Vaughan presents us with his new album, “Plays Blues, Ballads & Favorites.” Including a collaboration with the singer Lou Ann Barton, this album is sure to be a blues classic.
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