10 Best Blues Songs Of All Time

The 10 best blues songs of all time have made their mark in the music industry over time. Blues music originated from African-American communities. Blues music combines jazz, rhythm and blues as well as rock and roll. The best blues songs of all time are superb music in their own right.

  1. “The Thrill is Gone”- B.B. King sang one of the best blues songs of all time. The song was written by Rick Darnell and recorded by Roy Hawkins. The song was recorded in 1951 and released in 1970. It became B.B, King’s signature song.
  2. “Hoochie Coochie Man”- The song was recorded by Muddy Water in 1954. The song is often referred to as “I’m Your Hoochie Coochie Man.” It was recorded in Chicago, Illinois.
  3. “I’m Tore Down”- This best blues song of all time was recorded by Freddy King. It appears on Freddy’s album “Freddy King Sings.” The album was Freddy’s first album. The song was released in 1961.
  4. “Red House”- This best blues song of all time was performed by Jimi Hendrix. The song was released in 1967 but recorded in 1966. The song is on Jimi’s album “The Jimi Hendrix Experience.” “Red House” is about Jimi’s first love, Betty Jean and the apartment where Jimi first met Keith Richard’s then-girlfriend, Linda.
  5. “All Your Love”- “All Your Love” was recorded by Otis Rush in 1958. Otis Rush is a Chicago blues guitarist. The song is a mid-tempo minor-key twelve-bar blues song. It was recorded by Cobra records. Ike Turner performed guitar on the song.
  6. “Love in Vain”- One of the best blues songs of all time, this song was performed by Robert Johnson. It can be found on numerous recordings of his. Most notably, the song is found on “King of the Delta.” The song is most known for its melancholy lyrics and tone. It is a rather sad song.
  7. “Hard Luck Blues”- “Hard Luck Blues” was done by Roy Brown. The song was recorded in 1960 and appears on “His Mighty-Mighty Men.” The song was backed by The Griffin Brothers Orchestra. The song reflects on ritual expressions of inward grief.
  8. “Shake Your Moneymaker”- “Shake Your Moneymaker” is one of the best blues songs of all time and was sung by Elmore James. The song was recorded in 1961 and has been re-recorded by various blues artists since that time. The song is an up-tempo song with a slide guitar. This song was one of Elmore’s last recording sessions since he died in 1963.
  9. “Dust My Broom”- If you want to hear one of the best blues songs of all time, listen to this song by Robert Johnson. Robert is a Mississippi Delta Blue singer who released this song in 1936. It is still unclear if Robert is the original artist of this song or if it was originally done by Elmore James.
  10. “Born Under a Bad Sign”- This song was sung by Albert King in 1967. Albert is the original artist of this song but it was also recorded by Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Cream, Paul Rodgers and Jimi Hendrix. The song uses a unique mix of minor and major.



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