10 Best BMW Sport Cars

This article is for anyone who loves sporty "Beemers" and will highlight the 10 best BMW sport cars on the market today. BMW has built some of the most reliable and sporty autos ever. Check out the following list for the best BMW sports cars you can own.

  1. 2001 BMW M3 GTR Street Version The 9 year old sporty M3 GTR is still a head-turner. This lightweight two-seater BMW is equipped with a sport suspension and a high performance 4.0 liter V-8 engine that produces 350-hp. Its base price is $250,000.
  2. 2005 BMW M3 Coupe Competition Package Just like a true sports car should be, the M3 Coupe is known for its handling and performance. The M3's base price is $51,000. The M3 has a competition tuned suspension and its inline V-6 engine is capable of producing 333-hp @7900 rmp.
  3. 2007 BMW Z4 Roadster Everything about the unique BMW Z4 screams sports car. The base price of the Z4, which comes equipped with a fold down top, is $42,000. This sporty BMW comes with a six-speed manual transmission that is connected to either a 265 hp V-6 or four cylinder engine.
  4. 2008 BMW X6 The sporty, muscular and agile X6's base price is $52,000. The X6 has a twin turbo V-8 engine that puts out 400-hp from 5500 to 6400 rpm; it also boasts zeo to 60 in 5.3 seconds.
  5.  2009 BMW Race Version If you like to go all out with the sports car look, the BMW Race Version is the way to do it. This lightweight "Beemer" isn't just all looks either; it has a race-tuned chassis to help it handle everything its 414-hp V-8 engine can throw it.
  6. 2007 BMW 335i Coupe This sleek and sporty BMW coupe has a base price of $40,000. The 3.0 liter twin turbo inline V-6 engine in the 335i is rated at 300-hp. The 335i's high-tech suspension gives it optimum driving dynamics.
  7. 2003 BMW M3 CSL The 7 year old M3 CSL has a base price of about $40,000 today. The CSL comes equipped with BMW's M series most sporty transmission: the Sequential M Gearbox with Drivelogic, which is based on Formula 1 technology. The inline V-6 engine of the CSL puts out 360-hp.
  8. 2007 BMW M6 The M6 is a sports car with both power and performance. Its 500-hp engine is capable of giving impressive thrust and momentum while driving. The M6 has a base price of $98,000.
  9. 2011 BMW Z4 sDrive35is The sporty Z4 costs $60,000; it is one of BMW's fastest and easiest handling roadsters ever. Its turbo charged engine takes in more air to help it produce 335-hp @5900 rpm. The 35is comes with a standard 7-speed double clutch transmission.
  10. 2010 BMW 5 Series You can own a sporty 5 Series BMW for $70,000. The 5 Series comes with a standard 8-speed automatic transmission for dynamic performance. The 5 Series comes with a choice of two engines: a TwinPower Turbo 306-hp straight 6 cylinder or a 407-hp TwinPower Turbo V-8.  
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