10 Best BMX Bikes Ever

The 10 Best BMX Bikes ever consists of a list of some of the best bikes ever produced by bike companies. This list primarily aims at some of the best frames from the pros and how they have held up with time. This list will probably not feature some of the old timer bikes on it and that is simply because the older bikes would likely snap under the stress that is now put on them. Without further ado, on to the list:

  1. Schwinn Mean Street: Any bike built to support Van Homan's amazing riding style should always be number one. Considered one of the best BMX riders of this generation, Van Homan sported this as his first signature frame and even today this bike is considered an amazing ride.
  2. Standard STA-500: This was a bike set up to take a serious thrashing. The STA-500 began the customization trend of designing the frame to suit a rider's needs and quickly became a great ride for any BMX rider looking to have a bike they could truly call their own.
  3. S&M Call Girl: Shaun Butler's ride had to make the ten Best BMX Bikes list by it's sleek design and strong build. Not to mention it is an awesome name for a frame and Shaun Butler is, well, awesome.
  4. Blackeye Killorado: Considerably a new bike to be listed as a ten Best BMX Bike, Blackeye has hit the scene with an amazing product which BMX riders have flocked to. One of their premier riders, up-and-coming Adrian Vigil rides the Blackeye model which is a definite indicator on how strong it is.
  5. Specialized Vegas: While not the best-built bikes ever, the Lavin signature model could be found at every single skatepark across the country. The kids loved the look and style of the bike, if only for a beginner before moving on to bigger and better things.
  6. Haro Mirra Pro: The Dave Mirra pro frame was designed for undoubtedly the best BMX rider in the history of the sport so it had to be up there in the ten Best BMX Bikes. With a special Left Side Drive conversion which was unheard of when it arrived on the scene, the Mirra Pro was unique and a great build.
  7. Hoffman Condor: Moving on to the next biggest name on the scene, the Hoffman Condor took Mat Hoffman to a world record for vertical height on a bike, of course this is going to be a ten Best BMX Bike. While Hoffman's quality has been diminishing as of late, this bike will always live in our hearts and minds.
  8. DK General Lee: Everything about this bike screams awesome. The Orange color was eye-catching and, simply put, noticeable. When this came out, kids ran to the bike with a sense of individuality although that quickly diminished when everybody began riding them.
  9. Haro Backtrail: If they weren't riding Mirra's, they were running Backtrails. Designed for dirt use with dirt wheels and usually no gyro set-up, the Backtrail was the signature edition for Haro icon Ryan Nyquist. Need any more reason why it is awesome?
  10. FBM Night Train: The FBM boys always brought the awesome and no, Steve Crandall did not threaten me with bodily harm to put this bike in the top ten. This frame was designed to withstand anything and it has far surpassed that goal, surpassing the test of time in great fashion as these can still be found being ridden by pros and skatepark riders across the globe.
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