10 Best Board Games For Adults

Many grown ups are up to date on the newest and best board games for kids, but what are the 10 best board games for adults? Perhaps you have outgrown some of your childhood favorites—or you simply need to find a new and popular board game to entertain a group of friends. No matter the reason for you search, there are a number of great board games for adults on the market today.

  1. Loaded Questions. Loaded Questions is a fun ice-breaking, conversation starter. Available in several versions from the PG-rated adult and family party game to the more risqué adult variety, this board game for adults and teens, rates players on just how much they all know about one another—and are willing to tell.
  2. Battle of the Sexes. As the name implies, this board game, for two more players or teams, pits the men versus the ladies in a race to see who can answer the most questions correctly about the opposite sex.
  3. Dirty Minds. Game players with a “dirty mind” will not fare as well as those with clean and clear thoughts at the Dirty Minds board game. While the correct answers may be clean and pure, the thoughts and answers provoked by the questions will be far less so depending on your group of game players.
  4. Trivial Pursuit. Trivial Pursuit is an old, familiar party game favorite. Even if all of the players are not “genius edition” trivia competitors, there are so many versions of the popular board game, that you can find a theme to suit the crowd.
  5. Pictionary. This is a simple, fast paced board game for adults and children alike. Pictionary is basically a game of Charades on paper. Many worry about a lack of drawing talent—but, in fact, the worse drawings create the most fun as players try to guess the picture’s meaning.
  6. Catchphrase. Looking for another popular word game? Players in Catchphrase seek to reveal a word or phrase through a series of gestures, verbal clues, and creative techniques. The traditional board game is also available in an electronic version as well.
  7. Boxers or Briefs? Looking for something bit more personal than basic trivia about strangers? The Boxers or Briefs board game asks questions revealing some insight into your friends’ and family’s quirks, habits and background that you may not have known—and may wish you hadn’t learned.
  8. Would You Rather? The questions of the Would You Rather board game bring up some odd, unusual, ridiculous and even the politically correct or ethical issues for the group to choose between in each situation. You will likely be surprised and entertained by the opinions and thought processes of your friends as you play through the game.
  9. Mindtrap. Mindtrap is a logic puzzle lover’s dream. The puzzles presented in this classic board game are great for a group of problem solvers, logic lovers—or even as a unique teamwork building activity among coworkers.
  10. Balderdash. The Balderdash board game invites players to put on their best poker faces and bluff their way to win. You do not need to know the correct answers—you just need to make everyone believe that you know the correct answers.
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