10 Best Board Games

If you look at the 10 best board games, you can see the story of humanity. We'll leave it up to you to determine how or why this is true. SPIN AGAIN IF NOT IN THE LEAD:

1.     Monopoly In this troubled economy, it only makes sense to begin a sentence about Monopoly with the phrase "in this troubled economy." Monopoly, one of the best board games ever designed, was created in an economic climate even worse than our current one. And the game's cynical view of capitalism is a nice cherry on the fun-to-play sundae (if you can still afford that metaphor). Dibs on the car!

2.     Sorry! Children are selfish, vindictive little monsters. So it makes sense that a board game that encourages selfishness and vindictiveness would resonate with kids AND adults for so long. Like many of the best board games, Sorry serves as a metaphor for life: we as humans just need to get our pieces home, but if we want to get home FIRST, we have to take out our neighbors. Also, we can't slide on sliders of our own color. It's a complicated metaphor.

3.     Clue Did you know that murder is a serious problem that impacts millions of families each year? Maybe you also knew that it's a lot of fun for the whole family! In Clue, the best board game to involve someone getting beaten to death with a candlestick, the goal is to use deductive logic to solve the mystery of who killed Mr. Boddy, where he was killed, and with what weapon. House rules determine what is done to the guilty party, but we always used to give him a lethal injection.

4.     Risk Finally a board game for adults! Jobless adults, we mean, because Risk: The Game of World Domination takes almost as long as actually invading every country on Earth. Still, it's fun. Just remember: Don't Ask, Don't Tell.

5.     Scrabble The best board games teach a practical skill as you improve. With Scrabble, that skill is pretending to be smarter than you actually are. In Scrabble, this is accomplished by "learning" lots of words without actually knowing their respective definitions. Hello, "pulchritudinous!"

6.     Battleship Did you ever see Das Boot? This is like that but on graph paper.

7.     Trivial Pursuit We college trivia majors don't often find a use for our degrees. But in one of the best board games ever, Trivia Pursuit, we finally can put all those years of hard study to good use! This goes double if you also have a minor in colored pie wedges.

8.     Khet Unlike most of the other best board games on this list, you might not be familiar with this one. But take our word for it: It's awesome. It's kind of like chess but with lasers. Not the cut-through-steel kind, but the annoy-people-at-the-movie-theater kind. Still, kind of cool, right?

9.     Pictionary Doodling: It's not just for drawing penises anymore. Now you can win bragging rights from family and friends. And "penis" might be one of the clues, we dunno.

10.     Twister Don't know what to say to that special someone in your life? Why not break the tension by asking her to play one of the best board games ever, Twister? It makes a terrific getting-to-know-you board game, since it involves all manner of giggly touching and commingling of the extremities.

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