10 Best Bob Dylan Songs

The 10 best Bob Dylan songs are testimonies to him as an artist. Bob Dylan was a 1960's icon during the hippie revolution. His folk music was a large part of the times and spoke to the young generation. Dylan did not only perform music, but some of his best songs were written for other artists. 

Out of an extensive library of iconic music, here are the top 10 best Bob Dylan songs of all time:

  1. "Times they are A Changin" This song tops the list of best Bob Dylan songs for it's view of the 1060's. During a time when the young were revolting against the perfect world created by their parents, Dylan's song explained the inner feelings of this colorful time.
  2. "Rainy Day Woman" This song's title is possibly the most deceitful ever written. The lasting cry of the lyrics "everybody must get stoned" puts this one on the list of best Bob Dylan songs.
  3. "Lay Lady Lay" A change of pace for Dylan at the time of it's release, the song is a ballad of love. The hidden meanings in the lyrics place this one close to the top of the list.
  4. "Like a Rolling Stone" This one is a slap in the face to the rich of the world. The stinging lyrics put it firmly on the list of best Bob Dylan song.
  5. "Mr. Tambourine Man" The first song on the list of the best Bob Dylan songs to be performed by another artist. While written by Dylan, The Byrds had a number one hit with this song.
  6. "Quinn the Eskimo" While the song was a hit for the British band Manford Mann, it was written by Dylan. The mystery that surrounds the strange lyrics and overall success of the song puts it on the list of best Bob Dylan songs.
  7. "Up on Cripple Creek" This was made a hit by a band calling themselves simply "The Band". The Dylan composition became The Band's signature song.
  8. "Just Like a Woman" Composed of confusing lyrics and quips, this song was an underground hit and spawned rumors as to the subject of the song.
  9. "Turn Turn Turn" Possibly the best cover done by Dylan, the song was made famous by The Byrds, whom Dylan had written songs for previously.
  10. "Summer Days" This happy sounding song is actually a look into what happens when people become rich and famous. The sheer honesty of this biographical song rounds out this list of best Bob Dylan songs.
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