10 Best Bodies 2008

The 10 best bodies of 2008 showed what a good diet and exercise can do for regular folks who needed a bit of motivation to go to the gym each day. These celebrities used their best bodies to bring a ton of sex appeal to roles, magazine covers and campaigns they were involved with in 2008. There is no secret that the best bodies of 2008 delivered in the awesome category when their physiques were on display for fans to adore. The sexy men and women of 2008 were the pinnacle of perfection as each body helped to sell whatever product was out there at the time.

  1. Eva Mendes This hot Cuban-American actress brings her cute hourglass figure and booty to "The Spirit." Her gorgeous frame was also on display for PETA's ads against fur.
  2. Jessica Biel Easily one of the best female bodies in 2008 as she is toned and athletic. Magazine covers with "Harper's Bazaar" showed why this beauty was first class! 
  3. Hugh Jackman This talented and versatile actor from Australia has a chiseled body when he starred in the Baz Luhrmann epic, "Australia," as the rugged cattle herder, Drover. His good looks were on better display in "Deception" with Ewan McGregor.   
  4. Christian Bale The English actor turned heads with his offbeat roles in "American Psycho" and "The Mechanist," but it was his casting in the reboot of the Batman franchise that put him on the map and for good reason. His strong body proved a billionaire playboy can also be a hero for the citizens of Gotham City for "The Dark Knight."
  5. Fergie A good reason to listen to the Black Eyed Peas is this delicious dish of sonic fury from her own calendar for 2008 to arriving at the Grammy Awards with a stunning bust in a yellow gown. Her album "Collaborations" also came out that year with the cover showing off her toned body and legs.
  6. David Beckham This world-famous soccer player is no stranger in displaying his athletic build to the world during his matches in 2008 or looking dashing for the cover of the "GQ" December issue. Those washboard abs had a more impressive outing in Giorgio Armani ads to the delight of his many fans.  
  7. Daniel Craig The man who inherited the role of James Bond from Pierce Brosnan shows blondes really do have more fun. In his second film as 007, "Quantum of Solace," this English actor never hesitated to show off a hard body underneath his dapper suits.  
  8. Heidi Klum A stunning beauty rocked the fashion runway for Victoria's Secret Fashion Show for 2008. Her sexy figure was also in display for the Emmy Awards show for "Project Runway."  
  9. Rihanna Following the mega success of her album "Good Girls Gone Bad" the previous year, this hot little firecracker from the Caribbean wowed her fans with her slender frame for the 2008 MTV Music Awards. Her body was one of the best amongst her musical peers in such magazines as "Elle" and "Allure."
  10. Kim Kardashian After the infamous sex tape leaked with her and singer Ray J, the world was introduced to Kim and her enormous booty for ads in Bongo jeans. She also dabbled in acting in the disaster movie spoof, "Disaster Movie." 



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