10 Best Bodies In The World

Celebrities always need to be in shape, which is why finding the 10 best bodies in the world is a bit difficult. In a body-obsessed culture where being famous involves needing to visit a personal trainer seven days a week, it's necessary to look at these ladies objectively to find out who has the best bodies in the world. You won't find abs of flab on this list—just great human form that's been achieved by discipline, and maybe a little liposuction.

  1. Megan Fox. This "Transformers" hottie certainly has one of the best bodies in the world. A slim waist, dark hair, and bodacious boobs all spell out perfection. Best of all, most of her movie roles involve her wearing little to nothing at all, making her a cinematic delight.
  2. Audrina Patridge. One of the leading ladies of "The Hills," this stunning brunette has all the trappings of a goddess. A slim figure accented by large breasts,as well as long hair and form-fitting clothing. If you need any more proof, be sure to check out her "Playboy" audition pictures.
  3. Scarlett Johansson. Offsetting the trend for Hollywood starlets to be slimming down, this blonde bombshell keeps it real with her signature curvy figure. With hips that sway in a manner that would make Marilyn Monroe jealous, Johansson is one of the most in-demand actresses in the industry. It's such a shame that she refuses to do nude scenes.
  4. Jennifer Lopez. Before Lopez, men wanted their women to look like Barbie. After this fiery Latina exploded onto the scene, we were given a new appreciation for a more full-figured woman. Without her, we probably wouldn't appreciate the booty as much as we do.
  5. Jessica Biel. Ever since her days on "7th Heaven," Jessica has certainly grown up, and filled out. She went from a skinny high schooler to owning one of the best bodies in the world in seemingly no time at all. Thank goodness that she's started doing nude scenes.
  6. Kelly Brook. This brunette stunner might be from across the pond, but there's no doubt that she has one of the best bodies in the world. She was even declared "Best Celebrity Body" in a poll taken by Fitness First, the world's largest privately-owned health club. Of course, what would you expect from one of the most successful models in Britain, one who has been the face of both T-Mobile and Reebok?
  7. Angelina Jolie. An ambassador to the UN, award-winning actress, and Mrs. Brad Pitt—it seems like Jolie can do it all. That, and she happens to be one of the hottest women on Earth. There's no better choice to have portrayed Lara Croft, who probably has one of the best bodies in the history of gaming.
  8. Kate Beckinsale. Whether she's playing a vampire or a housewife, there's no denying that she's got one of the best bodies in the world. The best part is, she seems to be getting even hotter every year. It's so hard to believe that she had children but managed to maintain her perfect figure.
  9. Kim Kardashian. When you consider that she doesn't really have any discernible talents, it makes sense that she'd better have one of the best bodies in the world. After being discovered from her scandalous sex tape, Kardashian's frequented most publications' "Hottest" lists, including some of ours. Best of all, she's frequently showing off her assets in publications like "Maxim," "FHM," and "Playboy."
  10. Jessica Alba. It shouldn't be any surprised that this gorgeous blonde is considered to have one of the best bodies in the world. Despite her severe lack of nude scenes in any of her films, she's frequently dolled up in the most revealing outfits the costume department can think of. With a slender waist, sparkling eyes, and a gorgeous smile, this woman is sex appeal personified.
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