10 Best Bodysurfing Beaches In Florida

Knowing about the ten best bodysurfing beaches in Florida is a must if you’re an avid bodysurfing enthusiast and plan on visiting the sunny state of Florida anytime soon. From the beautiful Cocoa Beach to the peaceful Venice Beach, there are many great bodysurfing beaches to be found in Florida.

  1. Cocoa Beach. Not only is Cocoa Beach one of the most beautiful beaches in Florida, it’s also one of the best bodysurfing beaches in Florida. This beach features many great waves, making bodysurfing a top priority. Cocoa Beach: Brevard County, FL
  2. Sebastian Inlet. The gorgeous Sebastian Inlet is another one of the best bodysurfing beaches in Florida. According to Florida State Parks, the Sebastian Inlet State Park features three miles of beautiful Atlantic Ocean beaches, making it the perfect place to participate in the art of bodysurfing. Be aware that this beach can get pretty crowded, so if you’re not a crowd-loving guy, be sure to steer clear of this particular beach. Sebastian Inlet: Brevard County, FL
  3. New Smyrna Inlet. New Smyrna Inlet is one of the most popular bodysurfing spots in Florida due to its sizable waves and peaceful, fun atmosphere. This is another beach that can get pretty crowded with surfers, so steer clear if you don’t enjoy crowds. New Smyrna Inlet: Volusia County, FL
  4. Daytona Beach. The popular Daytona Beach is another one of the best bodysurfing beaches in Florida. Daytona Beach is one of those beaches you’ll want to return to again and again due to its beautiful environment and friendly atmosphere. Daytona Beach: Volusia County, FL
  5. Flagler Beach. If you’re looking for a low-key beach for bodysurfing, look no further than Florida’s very own Flagler Beach. This particular beach is one of the best beaches for bodysurfing due to its clear waters and awesome waves. Flagler Beach: Flagler County, FL
  6. Ponte Vedra Beach. Along with featuring white sandy beaches and cool waters, the Ponte Vedra Beach also features a refreshing Atlantic surf, making bodysurfing a must. If you have kids, be sure to take them along on your bodysurfing adventure as the Ponte Vedra Beach is family-friendly. Ponte Vedra Beach: St. John’s County, FL
  7. Satellite Beach. The breathtakingly gorgeous Satellite Beach is another one of the best bodysurfing beaches in Florida. This beach usually gets crowded by surfers and bodysurfers alike, therefore if you want to beat the crowds plan on visiting at an early hour, preferably before lunchtime. Satellite Beach: Brevard County, FL
  8. Ponce Inlet. The beautiful Ponce Inlet is another great place for bodysurfing. While the Ponce Inlet Beach is indeed a great place for bodysurfing, be aware that it’s also a hotspot for shark attacks. According to the Volusia County Government, the majority of shark attacks in Florida occur near the Ponce Inlet and its local piers. Ponce Inlet: Volusia County, FL
  9. Palm Beach. Palm Beach is a great beach for bodysurfing due to its generously sized waves and beautiful waters. Be prepared to share the water on Palm Beach as it’s indeed a major tourist hotspot. Palm Beach: Palm Beach County, FL 
  10. Venice Beach. Not only is Venice Beach a great place to hunt shark's teeth, it’s also one of the best bodysurfing beaches in Florida. Along with featuring great waves for bodysurfing, this beach also boasts a friendly, peaceful atmosphere. Venice Beach: Sarasota County, FL
Sebastian Inlet State Park Florida State Parks

Shark Facts Volusia County Government
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