10 Best Bollywood Hollywood Movies

Bollywood makes more movies and more money than Hollywood and this is just a short mention of the 10 best Bollywood Hollywood movies. As they come and go, this list may change, but due to the quality and originality of each of these movies, we will watch them repeatedly, have our friends and family watch them and be wowed by them for a long time to come.

  1. “Dostana” is set in the city of Miami. In this movie there are plenty of beautiful bodies, great music, fun choreography and a whole lot of romance. Two friends pretend to be gay for the sake of securing an apartment and a stunningly gorgeous young woman. This is where the whole story unravels, especially with a third man who has no need to pretend. This is definitely one of the best Bollywood Hollywood movies.
  2. “Khatta Meetha”centers on a small building contractor who has to adapt very quickly in the business of corruption, simply because he has no money to pay bribes. His ex- girlfriend enters the story as the new municipal director and this is where all the fun starts.
  3. “Raajneeti” firmly belongs on any best Bollywood Hollywood movies list with a dynamic cast, a vibrant setting, a compelling storyline and a few unexpected twists in the mix. Your journey through this movie provides you with a new perspective on the ruthless business which is politics. The play for power in the storyline was perfectly matched by the powerful and multi-talented performers who brought the screen to life.
  4. “Ghajini”grips you right from the start with the suspense of who really are the good and bad guys. Memory loss, reclusive living, violence and a very beautiful woman make this addition to the best Bollywood Hollywood movies list an intriguing and fantastically portrayed movie.
  5. “Raavan”is a fast-paced love story centering on revenge. A rouge leader seeks to avenge the murder of his sister by kidnapping the wife of the man who is guilty, the superintendent of police. Unexpectedly the rouge leader finds himself in love with the beautiful woman whose fate lies in his hands.
  6. “Chandi Chowk to China” offers a laugh a minute in this brilliant comedy. Villagers of the Zhange region are conned into pinning their hopes on Chandi, who has allowed himself to be beguiled into believing he is the reincarnation of an ancient warrior. Facing challenges and possible death, his journey is one of hilarious conflicts.
  7. “Golmaal Returns” is yet another comedy which firmly lands itself on the best Bollywood Hollywood movies list. Golmaal is unfortunate to have a wife who is addicted to soap operas. She draws the conclusion that her husband is having an affair and begins to investigate the matter. As a result of her stalking and relentless efforts, poor Golmaal is arrested for the murder of a colleague.
  8. “De Dana Dan” is a true madhouse of fun and laughter. A story which includes two broke young men and their respective girlfriends eager to get married, a pampered dog, a corpse, mistaken identities and mistaken room numbers. You will be howling with laughter and tapping your foot to the fantastic movie soundtrack. Supported by a vivacious and energetic cast, this is undeniably one of the best Bollywood Hollywood movies.
  9. “Rab Ne Bana Jodi,” written and directed by Aditya Chopra, is about an ordinary man and his extraordinary, breathtakingly romantic story of love. The high energy dance scenes have you riveted, the music is electrifying and when our hero eventually wins the lady, you will jump up and shout“YES.” This movie is well worth watching and hugely entertaining.
  10. “My Name is Khan” is the haunting journey of a young man who has Asperger syndrome. His misunderstanding of people and vice versa is truly touching. His journey of self discovery in the aftermath of 9/11 is heartwarming and draws the audience to rally firmly behind him in his epic quest to win back the love of his life. This moving and thought-provoking story lands itself on the best Bollywood Hollywood movies list.
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