10 Best Boy Singers

Here is a list of the 10 best boy singers. This is a conversation that many have, but never stays that way. It generally will break out into an argument. Here is a list of the best boy singers. Hopefully it will put an end to your arguments or at least fuel good conversation.

  1. Paul McCartney The frontman and, most arguably, the most talented musically out of the Beatles. Paul’s genius helped create two of Rolling Stone's top five albums in history.
  2. John Lennon The next large factor in the Beatles equation. His lyrics brought the group to a whole new level when he decided to search deep inside of him.  He also became even larger when he put out thought-provoking solo music.
  3. Bob Dylan His signature sing-speaking style makes Bob Dylan one of the most remarkable vocalists. He also has brought lyrics to a whole new level that is unmatched.
  4. Brian Wilson The genius behind The Beach Boys' signature harmonies. He stretched himself and sang tenor on a lot of songs, showing his vocal ability. He also had one of the most anticipated releases that had his fans on their toes from the 1960s all the way to 2004.
  5. Jimi Hendrix For a man who hated his voice, he had one thing that makes him a top singer: a signature sound that made his voice all the more impressive.  The guitar legend had a voice that even casual music listeners can point out.
  6. Kurt Cobain His signature sound sprung a whole group of growling, screaming teenagers that sing their hearts out to this day. He had a mind and golden vocal chords that no one has really gotten a grasp of.
  7. Brandon Boyd The frontman of Incubus has tackled numerous different genres within rock music. He shows how a singer can lend a beautiful melody on top of an experimental sound.
  8. Myles Kennedy The man that has earned praise for fronting Slash on the recent release of his solo album. The Alter Bridge frontman is finally gaining larger notoriety and he thoroughly deserves it.
  9. Axl Rose Slash’s first singer with Guns N' Roses. This egotistical man deserves some praise for the work he has done throughout his career. He has some of the most interesting vocal melodies in rock history and also has one of the most memorable voices.
  10. Bruce Springsteen The Boss. What else can you really say besides the boss that is what he is and rightly so for the American classics that his voice has sculpted.
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