10 Best Brad Pitt Movies

How many of the 10 best Brad Pitt movies have you watched? If you are a fan of Brad Pitt, or if your significant other is a fan, you probably have watched many or most of them. Check out this list and see if you can remember most of these titles.

  1. "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" This is the famous movie that Brad Pitt starred in with wife Angelina Jolie. The film was an action adventure and was released in 2005.
  2. "Thelma and Louise" This was a movie about friendship. Brad did not have the leading role in this movie. However, he did play a significant part and many will say that this is the role that helped to build his career.
  3. "Meet Joe Black" In this film, Brad Pitt gets to play the role of Death. It was released in 1998.
  4. "Twelve Monkeys" Brad Pitt plays a convict who gets to go back in time to help save Earth. This role earned Brad Pitt an Oscar for best supporting actor. It was released in 1995.
  5. "Ocean’s Eleven" Brad Pitt stars with George Clooney in a heist-type movie in which he and ten others plan an elaborate scheme to rob a casino. This film was released in 2001.
  6. "The Mexican" The Mexican is actually an ancient gun, known to have a curse, which Brad’s character must transport across the border. This film was released in 2001. It also starred Julia Roberts.
  7. "Interview with the Vampire" This is the tale of the chronicles of a vampire. It was released in 1995.
  8. "Too Young to Die" A sad true-life story of an abused fifteen-year-old charged with murder. "Too Young to Die" was released in 1990.
  9. "Burn After Reading" A disk is stolen. The disk contains the memoirs of a CIA agent. It is found by two gym employees who decide to sell it. This movie was released in 2008.
  10. "Legends of the Fall" This movie is the tale of three boys living in the wilderness with their father. It shows the life they lived in the early 1990s, which includes nature, war and love. This film was released in 1996.



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