10 Best Break Dance Songs

The 10 best break dance songs reflect the diverse nature of the music original break dancers would pop and lock to. Not just hip-hop, but anything with a beat that worked. Some are early hip-hop classics, others electro standards and there are even funk and punk numbers in there as well. Here they are, the best break dance songs.

  1. "Planet Rock" by Afrika Bambaataa An early hip-hop classic bridging the gap between electro and what would become rap is Afrika Bambaataa's most well-known song. With a beat lifted from Kraftwerk and twisted into a black urban flavor, "Planet Rock" has soundtracked dance battles for three decades and tops our list of the best break dance songs.
  2. "The Breaks" by Kurtis Blow "The Breaks" are the beats DJs cut up to form the basis of hip-hop music. They are also the basis of break dancing and this classic from Kurtis Blow is a seminal entry, definitely one of the 10 best break dance songs.
  3. "Word Up" by Cameo An electric funk hit that crossed over from urban radio into pop territory, "Word Up" is a classic song of its time. Its stuttering bassline and thwacking drum beat make it perfect for popping and locking. It's one of the best break dance songs outside of the hip-hop realm.
  4. "Dance" by ESG Three New York sisters formed a band an unwittingly created a brand of dance punk that was highly influential. Their most infectious song is a break dance staple.
  5. "Rapture" by Blondie New York new wavers Blondie, fronted by Debbie Harry, ended up making one of the best break dance songs when influenced by the hip-hop culture surrounding them. It is a funky, lush track made for breaking.
  6. "Rockit" by Herbie Hancock Jazz keyboardist Herbie Hancock always looked to the future. This retro-futurist cut has been sampled often and could be heard from boomboxes all over NYC during its reign on the charts.
  7. "Clear" by Cybotron An underground electro club staple, "Clear" is one of the original break dance songs. Cybotron is rivaled only by Afrika Bambaataa in the crossover area between electro and rap.
  8. "Freaks" by Whodini Whodini's biggest hit with its infectious, fist-pumping chorus of "The freaks come out at night!" is still one of the best break dance songs. It gets the crowd pumped before a single move is unleashed.
  9. "World Destruction" by Timezone Afrika Bambaataa's political collaboration with John Lydon of Public Image Limited gained a mainstream resurrection after appearing in an episode of "The Sopranos." For experienced breakers, though, it never went away.
  10. "Rock the Bells" by LL Cool J LL's first hit has an instantly recognizable beat that is perfect for any break dancing move. Its prominent placement in the seminal hip-hop and break dance film "Krush Groove" cements its place among the best break dance songs.
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