10 Best Break Up To Make Up Songs

The 10 best break up to make up songs tell the stories of lovers that have problems in their relationships and at least one partner is trying to salvage the romance. These love songs reflect life and sometimes the couples reunite and other times the split is permanent. Most folks have experienced a lost love or the break up of a relationship. Break up songs portray our feelings and desires in these often emotional situations. Here are the ten best break up to make up songs.

  1. “We Can Work It Out” – This Beatles tune is about two lovers having problems in their relationship. As the lyrics go, the singer asks his lover to listen to him because their romance is in jeopardy. He believes their love can be saved as articulated by the song title and lyrics.
  2. “Break Up To Make Up” – This song by The Stylistics is about a couple that is constantly breaking up. The tune goes, “Break up to make up is all we do”; even the songwriter says, “That’s a game for fools.” This is probably a relationship that should end.
  3. “Break Up To Make Up” –Although this song by Jeremih shares the name of The Stylistics tune it has completely different lyrics. In the tune, the lovers are fighting and breaking up regularly. Jeremih declares that his lover is the only girl for him; he questions why they break up because he knows they will make up.
  4. “Layla” – This fast moving song has Eric Clapton on his knees. This song is an appeal to his girlfriend to stay together; he opens the song by wanting to know what she will do when she gets lonely. He ends with the plea, “please don’t say well never find a way.” Clearly Clapton does not want to end the relationship.
  5. “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do” – This wonderful 1962 tune is Neil Sedaka’s signature song. Of course, the song’s theme is that breaking up a romance is a difficult event. In the tune Sedaka urges his partner to stay together with the lyrics, “Come on baby, let’s start a new”.
  6. “Reunited” – This lovely song by Peaches and Herb is about a couple that had broke up but did get back together. This song tells the story of lovers who had problems but understood they were made for each other; as the chorus goes, "Reunited and it feels so good.”
  7. “Sealed With A Kiss”– This song by Brian Hyland has young lovers separated by a summer break. The singer tells us that it will be a lonely summer but he will write everyday. The lovers make a pledge to reunite in September; both the letters and the pledge are “sealed with a kiss.”
  8. “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart”– This duet is performed by Elton John and Kiki Dee. The song never explicitly states there was a split and the couple vows not to break each others hearts. The lyrics, “I think we can make it” makes one wonder if there may have been issues in the relationship.
  9.  “When You Come Back To Me Again” – This is a Garth Brooks song about a lost love the singer is trying to recapture. Brooks describes the main character as a lost, wandering ship. Clearly the singer believes his lover will return; the song ends with the lyrics, “when you come back to me again.”
  10. “See You In September”– This song by The Happenings has a similar theme to “Sealed With A Kiss”. In this song, young lovers are separated by a summer break; the young man fears that during the summer months he may lose his girlfriend to "another love.".  
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