10 Best Break Up Revenge Movies

There are so many movies about break-ups and how to cope with them, but the 10 best break up revenge movies might be more your style. It is easy to cry to a sad movie about star-crossed lovers and how some relationships might not work, but you might actually just want to punch something. If this is the case, these are the movies for you. Though some of them are not necessarily about "break-up" revenge, they are all great movies that emphasize revenge towards those that have wronged the protagonists. 

  1. “Kill Bill.” The premier movie about revenge in which a woman embarks on destroying all of the men that have wronged her in one way or another. This movie is a great girl-power thriller in which the main character takes out some serious frustration on a lot of people. 
  2. “Mean Girls.” A movie in which a jaded high school teen decides to get even with the girls (and boys) in her class that have wronged her. Though it is not strictly about break-up revenge, it still has the same tone that a revenge-seeker is looking for. 
  3. “One Crazy Summer.”  Though not technically about revenge of a significant other, this movie depicts a young boy that wreaks revenge in his own way. It is sort of a round-about type of revenge, but it is still satisfying for the main character and the audience to see the main baddies get their comeuppance. 
  4. “Gladiator.” Again, not about personal revenge of a lover, this movie is a great movie about a man that seeks revenge against a man, and finds love along the way. For anyone that loves action and drama, this is a must-see for the revenge lover. 
  5. “The Break-Up.” A lighter movie in which a couple decide to make a break-up as hard as possible. This movie is great for lightening the mood that a break up frequently leaves. 
  6. “The War of the Roses.” Instead of going through a civil divorce, this couple decides that an absolute war would be more fun, and profitable. An absolute essential for anyone craving revenge. 
  7. “Diary of a Mad Black Woman.” A long-standing marriage in the dumpster, a mad black woman takes matters into her own hands. A very funny movie with some undertones of dark comedy along the way. 
  8. “My Super Ex-Girlfriend.” After a not-so-super man breaks up with his super-girlfriend, the Superwoman decides that super revenge is in order. A very funny movie for a sci-fi lover. 
  9. “The Belly of an Architect.” Another movie about a long relationship going in the trash and how one particular man deals with it. This movie is a little more sensual, but is still a great watch for anyone that craves revenge. 
  10. “Forgetting Sarah Marshall.” A funny movie about a more humorous brand of revenge in which a famous girl dumps a non-famous man. This movie tells the story of how he gets even.

Though there are many good movies about revenge, and many good movies about break-up revenge, these movies epitomize some of the best movies about break-up revenge.

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