10 Best Breast Scenes In Movies

Without a doubt, writing the 10 Best Breast Scenes in Movies is every man's dream. Breast scenes are like a fantasy in which every man, and some women, will fast forward to the exact moment when the top comes off just to make sure it is real. So, with that being said, lets move on to the future of America's top-watched list:

  1. "American Beauty" – This movie is hot and has a spectacular breast scene. Sure, some people will be up in arms that it is a fictional sixteen-year-old girl baring her body but, seriously? She is legal and HOT. Plus the rest of the movie isn't too bad either.
  2. "Wild Things" – This movie is not only hot for the three-way (ahhh, memories) but also for the fact that Denise Richards has an amazing breast scene. This movie will never fail you. Fact.
  3. "Black Snake Moan" – Christina Ricci will blow you away in this film. Her breasts are amazing and so is her character in this movie. Refer to this when you think of amazing women who do great breast scenes.
  4. "The Wrestler" – Marissa Tomei is gorgeous and, playing a stripper, looks absolutely amazing in this film. The fact that she has pierced nipples makes it all the more amazing.
  5. "Showgirls" – Who knew that wholesome Jessie Spano from "Saved By The Bell" had it in her? She has an amazing body and she flaunts it in this movie. As far as breast scenes go, this movie will provide it and so much more… so much more.
  6. "Malicious" – Small, unknown movie featuring… Molly Ringwald. Yep, that teen star from the "Breakfast Club" bares all in this film. Don't act like you don't want to see what you begged for in "Sixteen Candles."
  7. "Havoc" – This is a must-see because of Anne Hathaway. Besides an amazing breast scene, there are gangbangs, gangbangers and erotic dancing. Who said that the "Princess Diaries" girl wasn't a freak!
  8. "Closing The Ring" – Maybe Mischa Barton isn't everyone's cup of tea but wow! The former "O.C." star lets it hang out and we all salute her for it. Every fan who watched the "O.C." just for the slightest glimpse of her in a bikini just fell out of their chair, true story.
  9. "The Informers" – Amber Heard has an amazing breast scene during this movie, multiple times. It even includes some weird orgy that will blow your mind. An great movie that may not seem very interesting but will keep you in your seat, hoping that the next nude scene arrives.
  10. "Powder Blue" – Never heard of it? Buy it immediately. "7th Heaven" star Jessica Biel does things in this movie people have only thought doing to her for years. When it comes to breast scenes, this isn't the most amazing but it's Jessica Biel, process that one and then run out to buy a copy of it.

Granted, there are many fabulous actresses who bared all for the population to "think" about but these ones managed to go above and beyond anything we could possibly imagine. A few of these are things we never thought we would see, others are moments which will live in history but, most importantly, all of these are hot women who exposed their bodies to make a great film even greater. Or sometimes a horrible movie into a cult classic. So, to that ladies, we salute you.

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