10 Best Breasts In The World

If you're a fan of the lovely ladies, you're going to adore this list of the 10 best breasts in the world. These ladies have the best sweater muffins, milk bags, yams and love taps that we've seen. Turn out the lights and lock the door because here come the ten best breasts in the world.

  1. Kelly Brook This British glamor model and actress has a pair of 36DD sweater muffins, which can easily be considered some of the best breasts in the world. Pair this with her brunette hair and slim figure and you've got what can only be described as the perfect woman.
  2. Hilary Swank After her breakout role in "Boys Don't Cry," everyone knew that Hilary Swank had some of the best breasts in the world. She also happens to be a decent actress, making her one of the hottest women in Hollywood with movies worth watching.
  3. Kim Kardashian Considering that the height of her career came when her sex tape leaked, it's easy to see why she's in possession of the best breasts in the world. Then again, when you've got no discernable talents besides your looks, where else can you go?
  4. Pamela Anderson More so than anyone else on this list, she's best known for having some of the best breasts in the world. Sure, she might have been on "Baywatch" at one point, but who really remembers that?
  5. Monica Bellucci This Italian goddess is best known for tantalizing audiences as Persephone in the final two "The Matrix" sequels. Her chest cushions are widely regarding as some of the finest seen in human history.
  6. Rosario Dawson This brunette beauty may not have the best resume, but she definitely has some of the best breasts in the world. She was, undoubtedly, one of the main reason why "Alexander" was even watchable.
  7. Lucy Pinder While she may not be known stateside, it should be known that Lucy Pinder has some of the finest assets in the United Kingdom. She's a regular on "Page 3" of "The Sun."
  8. Megan Fox Considered by many to be the perfect woman, there's no doubt that her love taps are some of the greatest in the world. Sure, most of her movies are admittedly terrible, but when you consider that she has a tendency to wear little to nothing at all in her roles, you've got what many can say is the best movie starlet of our generation.
  9. Jennifer Connelly Who doesn't remember "Career Opportunities," especially with Jennifer delightfully rocking back and forth on that fake horse in the department store. Tragically, she opted for a breast reduction, but she still has some of the best boobs in the world regardless.
  10. Sophie Howard This brunette bombshell from the UK easily has some of the best breasts in the world. Her trademark bangs frame her perfect face and alluring eyes, which simply add to her wide sex appeal.
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