10 Best Bridal Party Entrance Songs

The 10 best bridal party entrance songs are listed here and each offers a great theme to get the party started. It is standard procedure at wedding receptions to introduce the entire wedding party at the start of the reception. The introduction of the bridal party usually takes place while loud music is playing.

  1. "Celebration," by Kool and the Gang. "Celebration" is the perfect song for the entrance of any of the bridal party members. It is an upbeat, popular song that has words ideal for the celebration of a wedding.
  2. "Welcome to the Jungle," by Guns N' Roses. This song is one of the best entrance songs for bridal parties. It is a loud and crazy song that goes well with introducing the men of the bridal party.
  3. "Walking on Sunshine," by Katrina and the Waves. This light but peppy song is common among the parent's of the bridal party. It is one of the most common songs used at receptions for the bridal party's entrance and introduction. The younger and the older crowds enjoy this song.
  4. "Thunderstruck," by AC/DC. Here is another loud and powerful top ten song used for bridal party entrances. AC/DC made this song popular, and it has been used at wedding receptions for years. It's a great song to get the crowd going.
  5. "Walk This Way," by Run DMC or Aerosmith. Two great versions of this song are often used at wedding receptions. Both are very popular, and this song is energetic and has a rap style about it.
  6. "Crazy Train," by Ozzy Osburne. Wedding receptions are often a little crazy, depending on the crowd and the amount of alcohol consumed. "Crazy Train" is an ideal song to be played for the bridal party entrance for the type of family that is not quite so ordinary.
  7. "Danger Zone," by Kenny Loggins. This song was made popular in the Tom Cruise Movie "Top Gun." It is one of the best songs to be used at wedding receptions because the words are humorous and sarcastic in the context of a wedding celebration.
  8. "Eye of the Tiger," by Survivor. Another top ten song that is energetic and great at getting the crowd motivated is this one from Survivor. It was made popular by the old "Rocky" movies and is a well-known hit.
  9. "Get the Party Started," by Pink. The ideal party song is this famous one by Pink. It talks of getting the party started, which is just what a wedding reception is all about.
  10. "Happy Together," by the Turtles. A joyful, happy song used at many wedding receptions is this offering from the Turtles. It's a classic song that has landed in the top ten of great bridal party entrance songs. This happy song is known by all and sets a peaceful, happy tone for a reception.
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