10 Best British Male Singers

Though rock and roll originated in America, Britain made it the global force it became; thus, the 10 best British male singers in rock and roll history were, in their own way, as important as Elvis, Chuck Berry and Little Richard. The ten best British male singers may not have had the natural gifts of American soul and blues stars, but they added their own grit and attitude and came up with something more. The raw emotion of the best British male singers in rock and roll created an equivalent for Black American blues, working class music for tough kids. Here are the ten best British male singers in rock and roll:

  1. John Lennon - The Beatles could all sing, but the pain in John's voice puts him at the top of the list of the ten best British male singers in rock and roll. Just listen to "Twist and Shout" and try and deny that Lennon had soul to spare.
  2. Mick Jagger - Mick's cocky attitude helped him overcome any difficulty he might have had hitting the right note. Those who doubt his ranking among the best British male singers should think of all the pale Jagger imitations rock and rollers have tried for nearly half a century now.
  3. Jack Bruce - The bass player for Cream overshadowed the bigger star in the band, Eric Clapton, on the microphone. His voice is synonymous with sixties British heavy blues, making him an easy choice for the list of best British male singers in rock and roll.
  4. Roger Daltrey - The Who's frontman can do operatic bluster and rough soul to this day. "Won't Get Fooled Again" is a great example of his range, from melodic verses to earth-shattering screams.
  5. Paul McCartney - The other Beatle main man was no slouch behind the microphone either. "I'm Down" rivals Lennon's harshest songs for rough and tumble soul shouting.
  6. Steve Winwood - Stevie made his bones in his teen years with a voice that sounded like it came from the deep American south. His career defines blue-eyed soul, making him one of the best British male singers in rock and roll history.
  7. Joe Cocker – Another soul shouter, Cocker is best known for his Beatles covers. He turns classic British songs into American-style blues romps.
  8. Steve Marriott - The Small Faces and Humble Pie frontman helped create the unique sound of British blues singing. His work paved the way for many, making him a great choice for this list of ten best British male singers.
  9. Ray Davies – The Kinks frontman sold stories with his singing. He is an underrated vocalist, making the cut of the ten best British male singers in rock and roll.
  10. Morrissey – The Smiths frontman and solo artist as a voice that is unmistakable and unmistakably British. He rounds out our list of the ten best British male singers in rock and roll.



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