10 Best British Rock Bands

Here are the 10 best British rock bands. Though many British bands have graced us with their music, only a select few can be named as part of the ten best British rock bands. And only ten can rock the world like these ten have.

  1. The Beatles–You can’t talk about British rock music without mentioning the ones who truly started the British invasion of the 1960s. No other band can boast the genius pairing of McCartney and Lennon, not to mention the powerhouse guitar-playing of George Harrison.
  2. Led Zeppelin–Where the Beatles had McCartney and Lennon, Led Zeppelin boasted the partnership of Jimmy Page and Robert Plant. With its crashing guitar riffs played by Page and strangely ethereal wailing of Plant, the band created a unique metal sound that has continued to go unmatched all these years.
  3. Radiohead–The ‘90s British band that came to fame with their hit single “Creep,” Radiohead continues to put out strange atmospheric rock music that keeps their fans wanting more. Though you can hardly ever understand what lead singer Thom Yorke is singing, Radiohead still manages to rock like no one else.
  4. Pink Floyd–Another great band that went through many changes throughout the years, Pink Floyd has put out more musical masterpieces than any band of its kind. From "Dark Side of the Moon" to the music from "The Wall" that they adapted into a film, no band can match this breed of talent.
  5. Pulp–The charisma of Jarvis Cocker really makes this band stand out. The pop musicality blended with the sharp and sarcastic lyrics depicting life as a dreg of society lend themselves to the band’s uniqueness.
  6. Muse–A band known for its over-the-top epic concerts, Muse has become one of the most popular British rock groups of the past decade. The wailing high-pitched screams and amazing melodic yet still smashing music of this great British band puts them at the top of the list of rock bands period.
  7. Spinal Tap–These guys know how to rock ‘n roll, all the way up to eleven. With hits like “Big Bottom,” “Stonehenge” and “Sex Farm,” as well as a documentary covering all of their heavy metal trials and tribulations, how can you not rock out listening to this goofy fake British band?
  8. The Clash–Though not as loud and obnoxious as their British punk peers, the message of The Clash was a lot clearer and a lot easier on the ears. Listen to their “London Calling” LP to truly appreciate this amazing British band.
  9. Joy Division–Representing the depression and gloom of the post-punk era, this band has probably helped to inspire every single goth-rock band ever since. Though the main singer, Ian Curtis, committed suicide and brought an abrupt end to the band, their music still lives on in every moody person’s heart.
  10. Supergrass–A band truly overlooked by most mainstream media, Supergrass was one of the best British bands to come out of the early to mid-90s. With the lead singer’s bluesy voice and their nod to 60s pop, this band truly deserves more recognition than they ever received.
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