10 Best British Sports Cars

The United Kingdom has definitely made a name for itself in the international automobile market and these 10 best British sports cars are its best examples. Take a read through the list below and dream about which one you’ll own in the near future. You can’t go wrong with any one of these speedy autos.

  1. Morgan Aero 8. The Morgan Motor Company surprised the market with the new and fancy chassis of this hand built sports car. It houses a 4.4-litre V8 that can get it up 160 miles per hour. You’ll be in for a comfy ride with its reliable construction and lightness.
  2. Ariel Atom. As one of the most fun sports cars to ride, you can hit amazingly fast speeds with the Atom’s powerful engine. You can choose your VTEC screamer in its 245bhp or 300bhp option that will get you up to 140 miles per hour. You’re working with high quality materials here.
  3. Jaguar XJ Series. This series is Britain’s pride and joy against the German competition. You’ll be equipped with an engine that will get you to 62 miles per hour in merely five seconds.
  4. Ginetta F400. A takeover of the Farbio GTS, this flashy sports car is out to compete against the big names. Its carbon fiber body and spacious interior are only a couple of its selling points. You’re also going to be hitting top speeds with the 410bhp engine that can get you to 62 miles per hour in under four seconds.
  5. Vauxhall Tigra. On the cheaper end of the British sports car market, the Tigra is well worth its money and affordable to boot. Its 1.8-liter engine can only hit 62 miles per hour in ten seconds, but that means it can also double as a family car when the roof is up.
  6. Lotus Elise. These sports cars are equipped with smooth and intuitive steering, which is ideal when you think of the speeds they can achieve. Imagine top speeds reaching 150 miles per hour.
  7. MG TF. Rereleased in 2002, this British sports car entered the market again with an impressive facelift. The MG TF is a car that you can easily handle and is great for beginners with its 135bhp engine. It’ll take you around eight seconds to get to 62 miles per hour.
  8. Caterham Super Seven. Unbelievably powerful, the Super Seven is able to reach 62 miles per hour in less than four seconds. In fact, Caterham promises to get its next model up to that speed in less than three seconds!
  9. Aston Martin DB9. Even after so many years, this sports car remains on wish lists of sports car lovers around the world. They say that even the biggest geeks can look cool in this car.
  10. Aston Martin Vantage. The great thing about this British sports car is that it’s sleek and sexy, but you can still use it as your everyday vehicle. Its size is manageable and spacious enough for two.
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