10 Best Britney Spears Songs

When planning the playlist for your next party, be sure to include these best 10 Britney Spears songs to set the mood for sexy.

  1. "…Baby One More Time." This song introduced Britney to the U.S. and the rest of the world. It reached number one on the Billboard Charts across the globe, including the U.S., Canada, Australia, and every European country in which it debuted. This pop number is a top 10 Britney pick because it will always be reminiscent of the innocent schoolgirl Britney once was.
  2. "Toxic." This violin-charged Britney song reigned for all of summer 2004, and could be heard everywhere from the club, to the streets, to the radio, to your sisters cheerleading competition. Toxic makes the top 10 Spears song list because no other tune makes people want to circle their hips like this one.
  3. "3." A song about threesomes? Better yet, a song about threesomes with models? Yes, please. Oh yeah, the bridge is pretty fun, too.
  4. "I’m A Slave 4 U." The heavy breaths in the chorus will instantly turn the sexy up at any party. Plus, the beat defines sultry, and Brit-Brit’s combination of moaning and singing is sweat-inducing both on and off the dance floor. In fact, this song should make the top 10 pop song list at any party.
  5. "(You Drive Me) Crazy." Some pop songs reign long after their Billboard days are gone, and this is one of them. The beat is dance-worthy, and the well-placed cowbell never wears on the ears.
  6. "Piece of Me." This tune was Britney’s loud-and-clear retort to the relentless paparazzi and bad press that plagued her for most of 2007. Every party needs some sass, and this track will bring it in full force. No top 10 Britney playlist would be complete without it.
  7. "Womanizer." From the sounding alarms in the beginning to the chanting of “Womanizer! Womanizer! Womanizer!” in the chorus, this song does not let it up. Its intensity is infectious, and is sure to turn the crowd up a notch or twelve.
  8. "Circus." This top tune will zap a frenetic vibe onto any dance floor, with its wild bird squawks, UFO sounds and whip cracks. Dance floors have been known to turn into their own circus when this top 10 Britney track is played.
  9. "Outrageous." This song is not only makes it fun to chant "Outrageous," its R&B vibe and pseudo-snake charmer flute make people want to sway. Bonus: if dancing isn’t your forte, you can easily get away with some slow rocking back and forth during this top ten Britney tune.
  10. "Stronger." The video for this top 10 Britney power ballad features the pop princess dancing with a chair. Subsequently, when ladies hear this tune, they grab chairs and put on a performance of their own. Any song that induces sexy chair dancing is a party must. Plus, the lyrics will draw a crowd of independent women, and independent women are hot.

Source: Billboard.com

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