10 Best Broadway Songs

For all those Broadway geeks out there, you have probably listened to the 10 best Broadway songs many times already. These songs are not just heard during the musicals, for the greatest singers that you know also sing them. So even for a person who hasn’t visited Broadway yet, you might have heard the best Broadway songs somewhere else.

  1. "Defying Gravity": One of the best Broadway songs comes from "Wicked". This is a very powerful song that will surely affect a listener deeply, as it talks about going beyond what you can do. For a person with dreams, this is a song that is perfect for you, with its description of the thrill of flying and embracing yourself.
  2.  "The Music of the Night": "The Phantom of the Opera" has some of the most beautiful songs and "The Music of the Night" is one of them. A song that is included in the best Broadway songs, this will surely send tingles down your back.
  3. "I Still Believe": With the powerful vocals of Kim in "Miss Saigon", this is definitely one of the best Broadway songs. Though all of the songs from this musical are amazing, this one will surely give you goosebumps.
  4. "Memory": From "Cats" comes one of the best Broadway songs, sung by the character Grizabella.  She is a glamour cat who remembers her glorious past while singing this song, while at the same time vowing to start a new life. This is one of the most awaited scenes in the musical, and is the most popular.
  5.  "‘Til There Was You": This Broadway song was performed in the play "The Music Man". Performed by Marian and Harold in Act 2, this is a song that will surely get you every time you hear it.
  6.  "Happiness": The musical "You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown" gives us another one of the 10 Broadway songs. This is one of the favorite moments of the musical, when the children would sing this, saying that happiness is not just getting a warm puppy but also singing together and having others who sing with you.
  7. "Somewhere": This song, included in the best Broadway songs, is sung by an off-stage soprano who is later joined by the entire company during the musical. With the way their voices blend and with the meaningful lyrics, this is a song which is surely loved by the musical’s audience. This was also covered by several other artists, as it is a very beautiful song indeed.
  8. "The Impossible Dream": A song about hope and courage, "The Impossible Dream" from "Man in La Mancha" is indeed one of the best Broadway songs. It is a very inspiring song from the musical,  encouraging every audience to take the challenge of crusading for a better world. for freedom, as well as his dreams.
  9. 'Climb Every Mountain": Listening carefully to this Broadway song will make you realize that there is a deeper meaning behind it. "The Sound of Music", which tells the story of the Von Trapp family when they escaped from Austria, is an inspiration to everyone. One should reach for freedom, as well as their dreams.
  10. "If I Loved You": One of the scenes that will give you goosebumps while watching "Carousel" is when they sing "If I Loved You". This tells about a first date and its being awkward, as well as the sadness when the lovers will separate.
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