10 Best Brooklyn Lunches

The 10 best Brooklyn lunches cover an amazing variety of cuisine. Affordable prices, unique surroundings and tasty food are all part of Brooklyn lunches.

  1. Grimaldi’s. You’ll find this legendary pizza place is at the end of the Brooklyn Bridge. The coal-fired brick oven is the secret to the crisp crust and slightly smoky flavor of their pizzas. Ex-mayor Guiliani is a fan along with a list of celebrities. No wonder the lines are so long. 19 Old Fulton St. Brooklyn, NY 11201, (718) 858-4300.
  2. City Sub. Authentic Italian bread and tasty fillings including seafood salad and Cajun roast beef make this tiny shop worth a visit. Fans say the freshly sliced meat and choice of toppings such as spicy mustard and thinly sliced veggies make the sandwiches one of the best Brooklyn lunches. Bring cash, it’s the only payment accepted. 450 Bergen St., Brooklyn, NY 11217, (718) 398-2592.
  3. Bonnie’s Grill. Pulled pork sandwiches and Angus sirloin burgers are favorites here. Try the Buffalo wings and vegetarian chili with cheddar. Most items on the menu are under $10. The owner of this small laid back joint is a Bill’s fan so you see the games here. 278 5th Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11215, (347) 673-1162
  4. Ba Xuyên. Don’t be fooled by the lack of ambience, this is the place to get one of those Vietnamese sandwiches on a great baguette with crunchy pickled vegetables. The tiny all white eatery with its four tables makes a great sandwich, serve delicious meatballs topped with chili sauce, puts a cucumber spear on the side and charges you a pittance. Try the avocado milkshake. 4222 Eighth Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11232, (718)633-6601.
  5. Willie’s Dawgs. Sides the regular hot dog Willie’s gives you a choice of a Phoney Baloney dog (a whole grilled carrot), a grass-feed beef dog or even a tofu dog. But the more familiar meat dogs here steal the show. This place is not for the indecisive with all the toppings to choose from; baked beans to avocados.  The hot dogs are served on freshly made bread with a choice of challah, rye, or multi-grain.351 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11215, (718)832-2941.
  6. Tacos Matamoros. Al pastor pork tacos are one of the stars at this Mexican taqueria. Pork is slowly turned on a spit to render it smoky and tender and it is served with red and green salsas on the side. Try the Shrimp cocktail served Mexican style in a glass with avocado and a little lime. The prices make this one of the most affordable Brooklyn lunches. 4503 Fifth Ave. at 45th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11220 (718) 871-7627. 
  7. Mimi’s Hummus. This famous hummus comes in five varieties and is served with hot fresh pita bread.Try the cauliflower salad, roasted and tahini and parsley. The small plates of tabuli salad and eggplant caviar go well with an order of hummus.  Wash it down with fresh mint and sage tea and end the meal with a Turkish coffee. 1209 Cortelyou Rd, Brooklyn, NY11218, (718)284-4444.
  8. Royal Crown Magnifico Panini. The Panini here are indeed magnificent. Fresh rustic bread is filled with soft mozzarella, prosciutto , meatballs or chicken parmigiana. Rice balls are stuffed with meat and cheese, Sicilian style. You can enjoy the panini, salad, or a pasta dish in the back garden. 6314 Fourteenth Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11219, (718)331-5402.
  9. Petite Crevette.This seafood restaurant only has room for 18 diners and the décor might be a little strange but the corn and crab chowder and the fresh fish make it the perfect lunch spot. Try the tuna burger and the seared scallops. It’s cash only with no reservations so come early. 144 Union St., Brooklyn, NY 11231, (718) 855-2632.
  10. Dumbo General Store. This place started out serving artists with a cup of coffee and has expanded to serve a simple menu written out on a chalkboard. From goat cheese and grilled vegetable paninis to a roast chicken salad with corn and tomatoes the food is well-prepared and the ingredients are fresh. You can eat in the company of artists sketching while sipping a latte. 111 Front St., Brooklyn, NY 11201, (718)855-5288.
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