10 Best Brothels In Europe

Everyone has a little sin hiding in them as can be found in these 10 best brothels in Europe. What better place is there than Europe to let that pent up desire out? If you are going to be traveling through Europe, make sure to check out these sexy hot spots. These truly are the top ten best brothels in Europe.

  1. Big Sister in Prague, Czech Republic. With a sexy take on the "Big Brother" scheme of things, Big Sister is a playhouse of hot European ladies who are just waiting to entertain locals and travelers alike over the safety of a screen. The only catch, you will also be starring in your sexual adventure via the internet.
  2. FKK World in Frankfurt, Germany. Nestled in the forest, FKK World is an outdoor and indoor fantasy world of porn happy movie theaters, saunas and bars. Sports, nature and sex make FKK world an awesome place to go for a "full release."
  3. Bernds Sauna Club in Schieferhof, Germany. Most of the best brothels in Europe are in Germany and the Bernds Sauna Club is one of the best. Just as it sounds, the Sauna Club is a great place to relax and get off, all at the same time. Also, for those who are interested, this brothel tends to be heavy in the "MILF" factor.
  4. FKK Oase in Frankfurt, Germany. Although this brothel is located in the woods close to Frankfurt, visitors can be tricked into feeling as though they are in some Grecian temple. The girls are goddesses who are eager to please and get paid. For some really attentive "companions," FKK Oase is the place to be.
  5. The Relax Nightclub in Hamburg, Germany. Just like walking into a ball, visitors coming to The Relax Nightclub are greeted by glamorous girls in masks and naughty outfits. Patrons will be swept away by the grandeur of the place and be tempted to stay as long as they are able to party with the high energy of the sexy girls inside.
  6. Bordels Mobiles De Champagne Pacha in Cologne, Germany. Germany loves its sex workers so much that in Cologne, there is a twelve story building solely for the purpose of housing all of the hot kitties inside. Simply seeing this amazing monument to sex is enough to get anyone turned on and ready to go. 
  7. Artemis in Berlin, Germany. Take in a nonalcoholic drink, take to the buffet and then hit either the shower, sauna or lady! Most all of the amenities are are included in the entrance fee. A self proclaimed "erotic wellness palace," Artemis is definitely a place to stop at and " get healthy."
  8. The Pussy Club In Heidelberg, Germany. One of few "flat rate" brothels left in business, The Pussy Club offers one flat rate for all of the pussy you can get your hands on. You had better get there while the standards for the all you can eat body buffet is still around.
  9. Club La Folie in Berlin,  Germany. Surprisingly lovely, posh and sexy, this German brothel holds it's own among the businesses at the top of the list. One thing, as La Folie is a nudist club, note that you will be seeing as much penis and you will be seeing muff. However, after a few minutes of hanging out, it is doubtful that you will mind.
  10. Club Bel Ami in Munich, Germany. The "love rooms" at Bel Ami are sexy, the girls are sexy and even coming out of Bel Ami feels sexy. Have fun as you frolic with the girls at this luscious sex hot spot.
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