10 Best Brothels In Germany

If you’re heading on a European vacation through Germany and are feeling horny, experience sensual pleasure with hot women at one of these best brothels in Germany, the European capital of sex.

  1. The Relax Nightclub in Hamburg. Beautiful décor, sexy women, and strong drinks make the Relax the best brothel in Germany.
  2. FKK World in Frankfurt. One of many sauna brothel clubs in Germany, this one in Frankfurt is undoubtedly near the top of the list.
  3. Bernds Sauna Club in Schieferhof. You won’t want to leave after you experience the hotties at Bernds. 
  4. Artemis in Berlin. There’s no doubt about it, Artemis is the best brothel in Germany’s capital city.
  5. Club Bel Ami in Munich. As soon as you see the ladies in this club, you’ll understand what “bel ami” really means! 
  6. The Pussy Club in Heidelberg. Beautiful women are a hallmark of the Pussy Club, which is the best brothel in Heidelberg and ranks among the best brothels in Germany, period.
  7. The Pascha in Cologne. For sheer size alone, the Pascha, one of the largest brothels in all of Europe, makes the list of the best brothels in Germany.
  8. Club Penelope in Essen. Club Penelope is a pure sexual oasis in the German town of Essen.
  9. Club Escort in Dortmund. Don’t miss this club, one of the best brothels in Germany with its ultra refined girls, next time you’re in Dortmund. 
  10. Club La Folie in Berlin. Lots of hot action goes down every night at this Berlin den of sin. 



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