10 Best Brothels In The World

While the idea of visiting the 10 best brothels in the world may seem scandalous to many American travelers, the practice is fairly mundane in other countries where brothels are a thriving, legal business. Unless you are a resident of Nevada, a brothel visit may be a once in a lifetime experience, so if you are going to try it, you might as well do it right. Choose from one of the ten best brothels in the world, and plan your vacation around your experience with ladies of the night.

  1. Three of the best brothels in the world are right in the good old U.S.A., including the world famous Bunny Ranch in Carson City, Nevada. The Bunny Ranch is a series of connected trailers where guests choose to be entertained by the lady of their choice. As one of the best brothels in the world, the Bunny Ranch focuses on fantasy and creates a complete sexual experience for visitors.
  2. Also in Nevada, Sheri's Ranch is located in the town of Pahrump and features packages like the Bungalow, the Champagne, the High Roller and the Whale. Visitors can enjoy onsite dining, so if you get a hankering for surf and turf before your roll in the hay, all you have to do is ask.
  3. The Chicken Ranch is the closest legal brothel to Vegas's world famous strip and offers a full menu of sexual dishes, from appetizers to desserts. This brothel is also located in Pahrump, Nevada.
  4. Australia is surprisingly a hotbed of brothel action, giving all new meaning to the nickname "down under." The Site is a modern brothel located in Sydney, offering your choice of a wide variety of women.
  5. Tiffany's, also located in Sydney, offers the largest selection of girls in the entire city. Guests are entertained throughout the five terrace levels of the brothel. The entire upscale space is bathed in shades of red, creating a sexy ambiance and firmly securing it on the list of the best brothels in the world.
  6. Those visiting Bangkok, Thailand are likely to be tempted by the lure of sexy Asian ladies of the night, especially those at Nana. Nana is actually an entertainment plaza featuring four floors, four bars and a bevy of sexual options. This brothel is unique, because clients approach women and barter with them over price and pleasures. The practice may be a little intimidating for the brothel novice, but the experience still ranks among the top brothels in the world.
  7. Many tourists visit Germany especially to experience one of the best brothel experiences in the world, and they are sure to find it at FKK World located in Frankfurt. FKK World was designed for American tourists and features pools, a sauna, a cinema and a sports bar, so feel free to convince everyone you are going there for the resort-like atmosphere.
  8. The FKK Oase is also located in Franfurt and is a Greek-themed house where ladies approach you and do their best to seduce you. It is not that different than a regular evening out, but you are guaranteed to score, as long as you bring the money. Both FKK resorts cater to American tourists.
  9. The Relax Nightclub in Hamburg offers a masquerade-style party atmosphere that helps you feel like you are truly just picking up a girl in a club. The Relax goes out of its way to amp up sexual anticipation with sexual images, dancing and drinking. If you loved the movie "Eyes Wide Shut," you will get a kick out of this choice on the list of best brothels in the world.
  10. If you are headed to Rio, Brazil, check out the Centaurus brothel. This place is filled with toned, tanned Brazilians, in every sense of the word, making it the final choice on the ten best brothels in the world.
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