10 Best Bubble Butts

The 10 best bubble butts belong to celebs that have made having a bubble butt so coveted that you can have one implanted. There stars that make the most of the bubble butt they have.

  1. Vida Guerra. The number one bubble butt belongs to Vida Guerra. As a model and actress she is not as well known but for those who appreciate the best bubble butts she is queen.
  2. Serena Williams. All that tennis makes for a toned body which just emphasizes her booty. Her firm bubble butt is hard to miss on the court or off. And her sister Venus is no slacker in that department either.
  3. Janet Jackson. Janet might have slimmed down her nose but thank God she left her bubble butt alone. She might be more famous for exposing another part of her body but if you pay attention you can see that she has a whole other side to be admired.
  4. Eva Mendes. Eva showed she has one of the best bubble butts in Hollywood when she posed for the “I’d Rather Go Naked” anti fur ad. Her Cuban roots have given her a backside begging for a good spanking.
  5. Kim Kardashian. Kim is known as one of the sexiest celebrities in Hollywood. Other super skinny women should take note, you need some curves to inspire the kind of attention that she gets. She clearly knows that she has it so she flaunts it.
  6. Beyonce. This entertainer is famous for her posterior. She doesn’t mind emphasizing her bubble butt by wearing tight fitting clothes and we don’t mind either.
  7. Jessica Biel. Nobody disputes that Jessica Biel is physically fit. She is one of those women who are fit but still have the round rear that she wears well.
  8. Fergie. The female lead singer of the Black Eyed Peas has never been shy about showing off her booty. Her onstage costumes draw attention to one of her best assets.
  9. Jennifer Lopez. You know we couldn’t go without paying homage to this singer and actress who made having a curvy backside a thing of beauty. She is still famous for having one of the best bubble butts. Evidently you can put a price on beauty. The $27 million insurance policy she is rumored to have bought for her bubble butt makes that clear. 
  10. Nicole “Coco”Austin. Ice T’s wife is no stranger to the camera since she donned the bunny ears in 2008. It’s only fair that the rear view is as voluptuous as the front view.
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