10 Best Burgers In Houston

Are you looking for the ten best burgers in Houston? Well keep on reading because there is no mad cow in this list of fabulous burgers. What can you say about the burger except that it is the most consumed single meal in America? Everyone can make room for a hot juicy burger; even the vegetarian diet has its favorite burger. The ten best burgers in Houston are found in some of the finest establishments in Texas. Pull up a stool; grab a beer or a tall ice-cold coke if you prefer, and prepare for some mouth-watering delights.

Keep in mind that the best place to grab burgers isn’t always some fancy sit-down restaurant, and not it’s not your local fast-food franchise. These establishments know how to slap a little grease on a bun.

  1. Barnaby's Café–Midtown is a fun joint developed in the memory of the owner’s dog, Barnaby. The burger menu is something special as is the service. Wonderful atmosphere with some superb hamburger delights. Barnaby's Café – Midtown 414 W Gray St. (713) 522-8898
  2. Christian's Tailgate offers the best fresh onion rings and perhaps the best burgers in Houston. This cozy restaurant is sure to please the finickiest burger loverwith its just-greasy-enough burgers and a cold shake to wash it all down. Christian's Tailgate: 7340 Washington Ave.  (713) 864-9744
  3. The Cheesecake Factory is not what you might expect as an entry on this list, but before you scowl, consider their “Glamburgers.” Unique combinations that are sure to excite the burger lover looking for a spin on taste. The Cheesecake Factory: 5015 Westheimer Rd. (713) 840-0600
  4. Champ-Burger is a Houston icon from the early sixties. Great grub in a relaxed environment, quick service and some of the best burgers in Houston. Champ’s offers traditional fare with the option of a homemade shake. Champ-Burger: 304 Sampson St. (713) 227-2094
  5. Baba Yega Restaurant offers some interesting burger combinations, such as avocado, and also offers the turkey burger for those a little more health conscious. Baba has a great server staff with an outdoor patio where you can enjoy your burger.  Baba Yega Restaurant: 2607 Grant St. (713) 522-0042
  6. Lucky Burger has an eclectic menu boasting a wide variety of burgers from jalapeño, to blue cheese, to veggie burger. Great place to enjoy good times and good food, this joint with some of the best burgers in Houston makes for a perfect meal. Lucky Burger: 1601 Richmond Ave. (713) 522-5650
  7. Poppa Burger Hamburger Stand is an awesome off-the-road stop for outstanding burgers and the perfect side dish of fresh French fries. Family owned and operated, its that extra special attention given to their customers sets this place apart. Poppa Burger Hamburger Stand: 1622 N Main St. (713) 227-6721
  8. Bubba's Texas Burger Shack serves buffalo burgers that cannot be beat. Juicy, with a mouth watering flavor and the buffalo kick. Best burgers in Houston many proclaim; stop on by and judge for yourself. Bubba's Texas Burger Shack: 5230 Westpark Dr. (713) 661-1622
  9. Lankford Grocery offers thick, juicy, homemade-style burgers nestled in the back of a grocery store. Very interesting local hangout, but well worth the work to get to it. If you like your artery-stuffers, come on over to Lankford’s. Lankford Grocery: 88 Dennis St. (713) 522-9555
  10. Mama’s Café boast Texas style burgers, and you know what that means: BIG! Well, that is exactly what you will get, with all the fixings and some of the best home cut fries in the business. Mama’s Café: 6019 Westheimer Rd. (713) 266-8514
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