10 Best Business Travel Destinations

With the 10 best business travel destinations, business travel has moved with the economy. Many cities have found themselves in a financial crunch and in order to generate revenue businesses are being charged more. Other cities are offering incentives for business to spend more time in their area of the world.

 Business is filtering meeting in the US to some cities in the South, and to the Midwestern state. This gives business relief from theses added charges. Business travel is big business. In every location business is drawn to an area by facilities, land, trained work force, and the cost of doing business in a city. All of this has a bearing upon the choice of best business travel destination

  1. Huntsville, Alabama. This Southern city is home to a large number of technology firms and much of the work force is involved in computer technology. The city is home to the Space and Rocket Center as well as several Universities. Business has access to hotels and Civic Center convention facilities. These assets for business are conveniently located to area hotels and restaurants. The city has a shuttle system friendly to visitors.
  2. Las Vegas, NV. In the city where a fortune is made in minutes it comes as no surprise business is flocking to convention facilities. Vegas not only holds the cards but also many of the best facilities for business meeting and conventions. The number of people the city is able to hold and the convenience in terms of location and accessibility is difficult to contend with.
  3. Hong Kong, China. Possessing reliability, efficiency, the ability to provide all of the amenities business requires including transportation access and communication makes Hong Kong one of the best business destination.
  4. Des Moines, Iowa. Des Moines is a gorgeous city and gives a great deal of attention to its eco system. The city is vigorous, filled major business lifelines. Business has access to any number of hotel accommodations. A number of banquet and convention facilities make this city one of the best business travel destinations.
  5. Atlanta, Georgia. A major business hub for the world, Atlanta is a southern city that is host to many fortune 500 companies of the world. Transportation, airport facilities and its location in the Southern US has a great deal to do with the cities success in business. Atlanta attracts a large group of college educated people and supplies its own share of Universities and Technical schools. The city also is home to some of the best hotels and restaurant facilities in the Southeast.
  6. San Francisco, CA. This coastal city has a world wide reputation for being an excellent setting for business. The environment is professional and comfortable; setting a good vive for business decisions.
  7. Raleigh, North Carolina. Offering a number of facilities for large gatherings, Raleigh’s convention center presents a number of accommodations for business needs. All kinds of meetings can be arranged for in the Raleigh area. The North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences offers large banquet and meeting venues for business use. Tourist attractions, hotels and transportation are all within close proximity.
  8. London, England. The city has transportation at your fingertip, hotel and restaurants. The city has plenty of entertainment and is legendary for its courtesy. London is a wonderful city to host any business trip. T
  9. New York, New York, US. A city of the world, known for finance and progress. New York is the pulse of America. Any convention venue available in the world is found in accommodations in New York.
  10. Stockholm, Sweden. This is a primary part of the world economy. Banker to much of the world of business, Sweden is a special business travel destination. Not only is the city one of the most financially productive in the world it is also one of the most beautiful. Transportation systems, venues and relaxing surroundings make this clearly one of the best travel destinations for business.
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