10 Best Butts In The World

The 10 best butts in the world come in an assortment of shapes and sizes. Too many otherwise hot women disappoint when they display their rear because it either lacks substance or the junk in their trunk is excessive. The best butts are the ones that are in proportion to the hot body they belong to and it doesn't hurt if they are put on public display once in a while.

  1. Jennifer Lopez. J Lo tried her hand at dancing, singing and acting, but it was her butt that really propelled her to international stardom. Rumors circulated at one point that she has insured her famous rear.
  2. Kim Kardashian. Sexy Kim Kardashian boasts one of the best pairs of boobs in the world today, so the fact that her butt attracts more attention than her knockers says it all. Kind hearted Kim frequently bares her butt in public and it is sure to stay in the top ten butts list, for years to come.
  3. Serena Williams. When you spend half your time bent over with your butt sticking up in the air, you are going to attract attention, and Serena makes the top ten best butts with her heavy weight contender. Her butt is the closest thing in the top ten to the buttocks Sir Mix-A-Lot sang about, but she proves that big can be beautiful.
  4. Dita Von Teese. She may have a fake name but there can be no faking a good butt; Dita meets and exceeds top ten best butts criteria. The sultry star puts her asset to work in burlesque shows that leave men begging for more.
  5. Beyonce Knowles. Anyone who writes a song called "Bootylicious" is crying out for their butt to get attention and in the case of Beyonce, the attention is well deserved. There can be no doubt that we are ready for her jelly but the question remains, can we handle it?
  6. Shakira. By her own admission, the Colombians breasts are "small and humble," so she has wiselyconcentrated on promoting her butt. Shakira's arse has a trance like effect on men, and her buttock jiggling skills qualify her butt as top ten material.
  7. Lucy Pinder. The English model proudly displays her full figure across tabloids and men's magazines across the pond and luckily the world media is  starting to give lots of exposure to her more than ample arse.
  8. Anna Kournikova. Anna never fails to disappoint on the tennis court, assuming your primary concern is looking at her peach of an bottom. Not only does she have a top ten butt, she also heats things up every time she steps out in public which ensures there will be no return to the cold war with Russia.
  9. Sandra Bullock. The Texan kept her butt in the shadows for years and even now it hasn't had the exposure it deserves but anyone watching her performance in "The Blind Side" had to be impressed by the constant shots of her butt jiggling around in that all too tight white skirt. Sandra has the look of that hot older teacher we all remember as kids and her butt is one of the best.
  10. Via Guerra. If you thought that cigars were Cuba's best import, then think again. The first time Vida Guerra bared her top ten butt in public, smokes fell to number two on the list of Cuban exports. Simply put, Vida has the best butt in the world.
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