10 Best Campfire Songs For Guitar

If you’re headed to a summer campfire with your guitar, you’re going to want to know the ten best campfire songs for guitar so you can keep your guests entertained. These songs are childhood favorites for many people and sound great even when sung by a whole group of untrained voices. Add in simple guitar accompaniment and you’ll be making musical campfire memories in no time.

  1. "The Ants Go Marching" Keep the beat on your guitar and encourage any younger kids in attendance to march around the campfire like ants.
  2. "Puff the Magic Dragon" This kid's classic is perhaps most often passed on to the next generation around a campfire or in similar situations. Initiate the kids in your life to this whimsical song by playing along with a couple of easy chords.
  3. "Kumbaya" This classic is often made fun of as a hippie song, but that doesn’t lessen it’s power when sung together around a campfire. The simple chords and melody will get everyone to join in.
  4. "Blowin’ In the Wind" This easy to learn tune from Bob Dylan is equally easy to strum on guitar.
  5. "Time of Your Life" For a more modern sound, try out this Green Day tune. It’s easy to play on guitar, easy to sing along to, almost everyone knows it, and it has that sentimental touch that is perfect for the campfire.
  6. "King of the Road" This song's driving beat will get hands clapping around the fire.
  7. "Ring of Fire" The man in black’s discography is a great source of campfire tunes, including this classic.
  8. "Hotel California" Another easy to play modern song, nearly everyone around your campfire will at least know the chorus to this Eagles hit.
  9. "On Top of Spaghetti" This classic will get the kids grinning and singing along.
  10. "Home on the Range" There’s nothing like cowboy songs to complete the campfire feel.



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