10 Best Canadian Beers

These 10 best Canadian beers offer soothing taste, refreshment, and obviously a bodily sensation known in pubs and bars as a "buzz". When it comes to the country of Canada, their exports go beyond the obvious items such as hockey and maple syrup. They are also quite the connoisseurs of beer – so make a toast and get familiar with these 10 best Canadian beers.

  1. Molson Canadian. This classic tasting Canadian beer won the gold medal for lagers in the 2003 North American Beer Awards. Not only do hockey and beer go well together, but Molson and the Montreal Canadiens National Hockey League team go well together, consider Molson owns 20% of this franchise.
  2. Molson Dry. If you prefer a Canadian beer that lacks an after taste, try the smooth, easy going Molson Dry. This "dry" brewing process adapted from a Japanese brewery adds elegance to your drinking experience.
  3. Moosehead. This New Brunswick Canadian lager is from one of the countries oldest breweries, and was first brewed in 1867 by Susannah Oland from England. Look for that green bottle with the moose, and enjoy.
  4. Blue Moon: Spring Blond Wheat Ale. This crisp Canadian beer, available during January through April, has a sweet citrus taste from its combination of lemon and orange peels, as well as white wheat. No wonder Blue Moon refers to it as "a splash of sunshine in a glass".
  5. Kokanee. When you want a Canadian brew emanating from incredibly fresh water, try Kokanee. Named after the Kokanee Glacier, this great beer has been one of the most celebrated from British Columbia since it was first released in 1959.
  6. La FIn Du Monde. With a name that translates in English as "end of the world", you can imagine how momentous this beer from Chambly, Quebec  must be. You might also face the end of your world of sobriety thanks to it's sizeble 9% alcohol content.
  7. Sleeman's Honey Brown Lager. If a Canadian beer has been brewed since the 1800's like Sleeman's Honey Brown Lager you can trust that they must be doing something right. Enjoy this taste of honey next time you are in front of a bartender.
  8. Alexander Keith's India Pale Ale. Who is Alexander Keith, why is his name on this Canadian beer, and why is a Canadian beer have India in it's name? Well…for starters…Keith was the Mayor of Halifax, Nova Scotia three times and it was originally brewed for British soldiers serving in India.
  9. Labatt Blue. Known as the best-selling Canadian beer in the world, Labatt Blue was first introduced in 1951. An interesting fact about this highly popular Canadian beer is that it's name was changed to "Blue" after the company's support for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers from the Canadian Football League – and it's blue label.
  10.  Molson Ex. This Monde Selection Beer Festival winner adds more prestige to the long line of successful beers from the Molson brand. It's biggest market appears to be in the Quebec section of Canada  
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