10 Best Canadian Female Singers

Our list of 10 best Canadian female singers could be a first attempt to get around in cataloguing so much female talent originating from Canada. Present day listeners are bombarded with so many performers in the musical industry, that making a top ten list will definitely seem biased to some people. Nevertheless, music fans will find some sense of satisfaction reading this brief inventory of Canadian gold.

  1. Alanis Morisette. If you were young during the 90’s, then you will know that she is a symbol of good pop-rock music. She had many single hits from her daring album “Jagged Lil' Pill.” She then gave us an unforgettable MTV Unplugged performance, where she shared her heart with the song “Thank You,” as an inspiration from her recent trip to India. She’s still loved with reverence all over the world.
  2. Avril Ramona Lavigne. Having a first look at her initial singles out back in 2000, she was immediately catalogued as just another teen pop-tart singer. Yes, it was back then in her beginnings, and everyone agreed with that while hearing “Complicated” so many times. Throughout the years, however, she has evolved and stayed on business. That is proof enough that she's one heck of a Canadian singer.
  3. Shania Twain. Beautiful singer with killing country pop music. You can tell a singer is good when she’s not only good at performing, but also considering her songwriting abilities. The female population in Canada have as an anthem the song “Man, I Feel Like a Woman.” This is such a contagious song with a catchy style, that will prove a great introduction if you want to start knowing her.
  4. Celine Dion. Canada gave birth to the best female singer of her generation. Celine is featured in this group as a “Diva” above all other good singers of her country. You know that there is no girl that didn’t fall in love when watching “Titanic.” This movie was even better when she sang “My Heart Will Go On.” She's one of the most gifted and amazing woman ever alive.
  5. Nelly Furtado. Half Portuguese, half Canadian, she entered the pop charts with the song “I’m Like a Bird” from her album “Whoa, Nelly!” Ever since that point, she became an international star. It wasn’t easy to hit success, because she started with not so much of support to begin with. You can tell in every new song that there is more Nelly to come.
  6. Anne Murray. Country music is always safe, having good musicians like her. She delights our ears with cool pop music. This talented blonde started a long time ago with the album “What About Me,” back in 1968. Her latest album until now is “Anne Murray Duets Friends & Legends,” which is a must have disc for her hard core fans.    
  7. Diana Krall. Oh, man! Her voice is so awesome that every time she plays bossa nova, you will feel the smooth spirit flowing all over the place. Put a piano along with her singing performance, and you will never forget about her. Try to find the homage to Frank Sinatra with the song “Fly Me To The Moon.” Legendary.
  8. Johnny Mitchell. She is definitely another Canadian pearl that shines among the stars in the sky. With her best friend, the guitar, she can give you such candy to the ears when listening to her beautiful song “California.” She is well loved in US, too. She also enjoys to paint. You see, she has a beautiful soul with a pure harmonious voice.
  9. Sara MacLachlan. She can be defined not as a human, but as an angel with a precious voice. She founded “Lilith Fair,” which was a music festival. It gave the opportunity to a lot of female singers to earn some popularity and a space to show their skills.
  10. Jann Arden. Glorious and sweet, this awesome Canadian female started singing in no other places than bars. Not only that, she also was spotted bussing. Her discography is the sign of her talent, and could be considered one of her best gifts to music history.
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