10 Best Capcom Fighting Games

The 10 best Capcom fighting games probably were what got you hooked on this genre of video games in the first place. Capcom is a preeminent maker in video games. Their craftsmanship and innovation as a maker of games shines through in these fighting games.

  1. "Street Fighter 3: Third Strike." This is the best Capcom fighting game since it defines what aggressive gameplay is all about. This is the Capcom fighting game to play if you hate players who just cowardly wait in a corner for the action to come to them. This is impossible in this game due to the fast-paced aggression in the gameplay.
  2. "X-Men versus Street Fighter." Any game that combines the geek-lovers of comic book fans with the geek-lovers of video game fanboys deserves the number two spot on this list. It is a Capcom fighting game that is superior to some of the later installments of this series because it is a stripped-down game that contains no unnecessary characters, just the basics.
  3. "Capcom versus SNK 2." This Capcom fighting game allows you to pick fighters from either Capcom or SNK's roster of fighters. This is a genius combination because players are allowed to pick their fighters from either company with their own fighting movies. This means that if you like the parry from any Street Fighters characters, you can use it.
  4. "Project Justice." "Project Justice" was a sequel to "Rival Schools," another fighting game. Project Justice was launched on the now-obsolete Sega Dreamcast and features a story line that's unorthodox. You play as mere school kids who are challenged to schoolyard fights…by their teachers!
  5. "Street Fighter 2: World Warriors." This game came out on the Super Nintendo system (remember that?), and it takes the five spot because it is a classic Capcom fighting game that started all the wild popularity of the Street Fighter series. This game is any player's best introduction into what makes a true, authentic fighting game.
  6. "Tatsunoko versus Capcom." The attraction behind this Capcom fighting game is in its reward system and how innovative it is. The gameplay is also remarkable in that the characters literally fill the screen up from time to time.
  7. "Street Fighter EX." New and exciting characters are what typify this Capcom fighting game. You may remember one-off characters like Allen Snider, Crackerjack and Skullomania, all of whom were memorable, who never appeared in another Street Fighter series game. So for nostalgic reasons, revisit this fighting game.
  8. "Street Fighter Alpha 3." "Street Fighter Alpha 3" is the "Street Fighter Alpha" video game to play because it combines two, excellent features. It possesses the anime-style Alpha characters, but along with the characters from "Street Fighter 2" that are so very popular with true Capcom fighting game fans.
  9. "X-Men: Children of the Atom." If you like X-Men comic characters who are all fighting each other, then you have got the Capcom fighting game for yourself! "X-Men: Children of the Atom" will draw you in with its super-special feature: super-moves from a host of X-Men characters that are really outrageous.
  10. "Street Fighter 4." This is one of the newest Capcom fighting games, but it breathes new life into the Street Fighter franchise. It has all its characters moving around in 3D, which is a change for this series.
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