10 Best Car Crash Movies

Watching the 10 best car crash movies of all time seems to arouse an excitement that the connection of human bodies never could. Lovers of these movies enjoy the anticipation in waiting for the moment of impact with such a level of excitement it seemingly defies explanation. What possible human senses can play such havoc on the emotional intellect of an individual that a crash would create such intensity in their minds? Who knows what causes some to seek the blood and splatter while others simply want to be entertained.  Whatever the viewer is looking to obtain, these are the all time best car crash movies available.  

  1. "Crash." In this 1997 car crash movie, James Spader plays lead role James Ballard who after surviving a car crash, draws his total life and reason for living not from his wife, but from his car.
  2. "Christine."  Starring Keith Gordon as nerdy high school teen Arnie Cunningham who is obsessed with demonically possessed car  "Christine."  Christine loves Arnie and is also jealous.  In one episode, she is completely demolished by a group of teen villains who she takes revenge against ergo the car crash scenes.  
  3. "Crash & Burn."  Fast paced action car crash and burn movie featuring David Groh as undercover FBI agent Erik Palladino.  Palladino is hired to find the head of and take down a car jacking leader and his ring.
  4. "Crash Course."  Starring Meredith Baxter Birney as the mother of a promising college student who is the victim of a drunken driver.  When her son is in a car side swiped and crashed into, a mother seeks revenge.  
  5. "Vanishing Point."  Before his name before well known, Barry Newman made history as the one man determined to make it across all boundary lines defying the law in "Vanishing Point."  Folk hero or not, he made history.
  6. "The Blues Brother." Maybe it was John Belushi or maybe Dan Aykroyd, but whichever star, the Blues Brothers was a master car chase, crash, blues movie.  Car chases, destruction and just about any action desired is found in this flick.
  7. "Ripe."  Starring Gordon Currie decries the bad reviews and should really be given a chance.  Two sisters take to the road to grieve the loss of their parents. On their saga, they meet up with some interesting challenges and personalities. 
  8. "Butterfield 8."  Starring Elizabeth Taylor as 'Gloria', a seductress.  During her day when she plays the harlot so very well, Gloria falls in love for the first time. However, when hurt by her lover, while driving away she misses a turn and drives over an embankment to her death. 
  9. "Bad Boys."  Starring screen greats Will Smith and Martin Lawrence as narcotics detectives, Marcus Burnett and Mike Lowery.  The two work in Miami Dade Police Department on a case to apprehend thieves who stole $100 million in heroin from the police vault.  
  10. "Final Destination." Written by Glen Morgan.  After a young visionary warns his friends and they avoid death on an airplane, they begin to die horrible deaths one by one.
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