10 Best Car Songs

It's not easy coming up with a list of the 10 best car songs since there are so many. However, below (in no particular order) are ten songs that are popular with audiences of all ages. 

  1. "Cars" – Gary Numan's 1979 smash hit "Cars" reached number one in the UK. Later it reached number one in Canada, and in 1980 it made it to number nine in the US. In 1999, Fear Factory released a cover of the song which included a guest appearances by Numan in the song and video. Numan's original can be heard on 80's flashback stations all over the U.S.
  2. "Slick Black Cadillac" – While Quiet Riot was more famous for releasing hit singles "Cum on feel the Noize" and "Metal Health", "Slick Black Cadillac" was a rocking song in its own right. Featuring lyrics like "I don't need no driver's license, I'm too reckless to survive," this song was not meant for those who drove Pintos and Fiats.
  3. "Pink Cadillac" – While not one of Bruce Springsteen's biggest hits, Pink Cadillac often gets a rousing ovation during his concert tours. In 1988, Natalie Cole did an R&B version which made it all the way to number eight on the charts, and will likely make its way to other ten best car lists.
  4. "Fuel" – A popular Metallica Song, "Fuel" was one the theme songs used by TNT and NBC for their NASCAR broadcasts. Additionally, this rocking car song is featured on Playstation's Hot Wheels Turbo Racing. 
  5. "Hooptie" – Known more for "Baby Got Back," Sir-Mix-a-Lot's song about a piece of crap car became popular because every true-blooded American has owned a hooptie at least once in their lifetime.
  6. "Little Deuce Coupe" – This popular car song made it all the way to number four in the United States back in 1963. After maintaining a place on the charts for 46 weeks, the song eventually went platinum.
  7. "Mercedes Benz" – One of the last songs ever written by Janis Joplin, "Mercedes Benz" was recorded in just one take. Since then, the song was briefly covered by Elton John and has been featured in Mercedes Benz commercials.
  8. "Ode to my Car" – Comic and actor Adam Sandler came up with another gem with "Ode to my car." Much like Sir-Mix-a-Lot's car song, Sandler's melody deals with owning a crappy ride (though with much more adult oriented language). 
  9. "Little Red Corvette" – Prince's first hit single made it all the way to number six on the Billboard in 1982. Released from the "1999" album, "Little Red Corvette" performed better on the pop chart than the R&B chart.
  10. "Bitchin' Camaro" – One of the most popular songs performed by the punk band The Dead Milkmen, "Bitchin' Camero is one bitchin' car song as it's one of their most popular songs during their live shows.
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