10 Best Career Choices For Men

If you're serious about making the most of your time on the clock, you need these 10 best career choices for men. While there is a plethora of jobs out there, there exist a few that can truly be said to be the best career choices for men. Say what you will about how much they pay, but the following career options really define what it means to be a working man.

  1. Photojournalist. Camera in hand, you get paid to travel the world and capture true moments in time. What could possibly be more manly than that? If you decide the danger is worth it, you could take it one step further and be a war photographer.
  2. Motorcycle Mechanic. Considering that a hog is pretty much the very definition of manliness, it makes sense that a motorcycle mechanic would be among the best career choices for men. Get your hands dirty working on some of the best speed demons on the road. This is definitely one that breeds enthusiasts.
  3. Video Game Designer. Men love video games, there's no denying that. What could be a better career choice for men than making what we love, day after day? This is one of those processions that stresses that you really need to know your craft in order to produce a quality product.
  4. Fitness Trainer. If there's one thing that is synonymous with being a guy, it's going to the gym. This is one of the best career choices for men because, essentially, it pays you to keep yourself in shape! Do better for your body and your quality of living at the same time!
  5. Lead Singer in a Rock Band. Without a doubt, this may well be one of the best career choices for men ever. You tour the country with your best friends reciting your life in lyrical form to packed stadiums. Oh, and did we mention the abundance of groupies?
  6. Sports Commentator. If you've ever even turned on Sports Center in the past two years, you can see why this would be any man's dream job. You get paid to talk about sports—how awesome is that? Considering that most of us spend our entire weekend doing this anyway, the transition into this path would be pretty easy.
  7. Firefighter. There is probably no profession more noble than being a firefighter. It's said to be one of the most adrenaline-fueled experiences ever, making it an easy contender for one of the best career choices for men. Tame that wild side of yours while doing better for those in your community.
  8. Masseuse. Let us put it this way: you spend your entire day rubbing your hands over oily naked babes. Sure, there might be a couple of old wrinkly dudes in the mix, but with the bevy of hotties you literally get your hands on, who's counting? Seriously, this has to be one of the best career choices for men.
  9. DJ. You spend your "work day" at the hottest dance clubs, being the envy of everyone because you're solely responsible for making the party happen. Not only are you getting to work with music, but you get to see tons of sexy women dance in front of you, and it all counts as part of your job! There is a paradise, and to enter, you need to be a DJ.
  10. Brewmaster. What do guys love more than sex or sports, but beer? Be in control of your own ale by becoming a brewmaster. Making liquid happiness is easily one of the best career choices for men.
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