10 Best Career Jobs

If you're trying to decide on or thinking of switching careers, keep the 10 best career jobs in mind. There are many job opportunities in today’s market and with all the choices; it’s hard to decide what to get into. Many people aren’t sure if they should get a job because they love the work and they’re more interested in the money. The best jobs are out there, you just need to know what they are.

  1. Mathematician – These individuals apply mathematical theories and formulas in order to solve problems in a business or educational environment. The average income is $95,000.
  2. Actuary – People in this field determine the probabilities of things such as accidents, death, sickness and the loss of theft and disasters. The average income is $90,000.
  3. StatisticianPeople in this field input numbers from results of surveys.  The average income is $72,000.
  4. Biologist – An individual in this field studies the relationship between animals and plants in the environment. The average income is $74,000.
  5. Software Engineer – People in this field research and develop software systems for companies which relate to medical and industrial.  $85,000.
  6. Computer Systems Analyst – This position involves planning and developing computer systems for companies. The average income is $75,000.
  7. Historian – People in this field analyze and record historical data. The average income is $60,000.
  8. Sociologist – People in this field study human behavior by examining interactions between groups and certain people. The average income is $60,000.
  9. Industrial Designer – Individuals in this field design and manufacture products. The average income is $58,000.
  10. Accountant – People in this field prepare and analyze financial reports. The average income is $60,000.


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